Don’t Hold Your Breath for Decent Roads

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From: “Phelan Pirrie – Rodney”
Date: 17 October 2015 at 10:08:39 NZDT
To: Glen Ashton
Cc: Ahuroa Electronic Grapevine
Subject: Re: Ahuroa road sealing

Hi Glen,

I have removed the various CEO’s and Mayor off this email.

The $10million was done at the same time as the transport levy, if the levy had not been put in place we wouldn’t have got the $10million if that makes sense. We also got an additional $2 million for footpaths and there were other transport projects that would have been cut had the levy not gone ahead. It was an unattractive option but in many ways the council was hamstrung by the government who refused to contemplate a toll system for Auckland despite a majority of Aucklanders saying they wanted one to pay for road projects. A toll would have raised considerably more money than the levy over time an allowed for money to be reallocated to projects such as road sealing.

There is no funding from NZTA for local AT managed roads for sealing or otherwise. I also don’t believe there will be a cent from The Ministry of Health they are struggling to fund hospitals, the idea that things will go back to what happened 20 years ago is wishful thinking in my opinion. This sort of ‘outside’ funding no longer exists and I would assume that given the billions being poured into state highways around Auckland would not see this situation change any time soon from NZTA. The scale of transport investment both by council and central government is massive and growing, it is likely that more money will be announced from central government next year, but this money is to address the critical issues along major arterial routes and in areas where there are housing developments with thousands of new houses being built.

I completely appreciate the frustration of people on unsealed roads but Auckland is under huge growth pressures and has limited options to fund the infrastructure given governments refusal to allow motorway tolls. Prioritisation is inevitable.

We will obviously continue to advocate for more money for road sealing and the next chance to increase this sum is in 2018 with the LTP budgets are revised.

Like I said previously we expect to have a breakdown of what happens to people rates soon and this will provide some clarity.

Some of the investment made in our area are not immediately clear but we have the largest areas of regional parks which we get to enjoy almost to ourselves outside the peak summer season, plus the considerable road network attracts a lot of funding, there’s also stormwater and sewage infrastructure that was woefully underfunded when we were in Rodney District Council, many sewage plants have been operating without consents, 10’s of millions have been poured into these areas over the last few years and Auckland Council reverses the trend of underinvestment from a cash strapped RDC. Anyway, as I said, until I see complete figures I’m reluctant to debate the issue because it’s just cherry picking figures or speculation on what might be happening.



Phelan Pirrie
Elected Member | Chair; Transport, Planning & Infrastructure Committee.
Rodney Local Board – Auckland Council
Mobile: 021 837 167

Attention: Rural Ratepayers!

You are invited to attend a meeting to discuss proposed changes to how Auckland Council charges rates on rural properties. At the moment all farm and lifestyle properties are charged at the same rate regardless of the size of the land. We want to receive your views on the proposal to charge lower rates for large farm/lifestyle properties (over 50ha) by charging smaller (less than 6ha) farm/lifestyle properties more. This proposal would see small farm/lifestyle properties pay a little more so large farm/lifestyle properties can pay much less.

We are taking this opportunity to talk with the rural community before the development of the Council’s Annual Plan 2016/2017, when the Council will decide whether to formally consult on the proposal.


To find out more, or let us know what you think, go to , or come along to one of 4  meetings being held throughout the Auckland region:


·         Thursday 17th September, 6-8pm, Waitoki Hall 1000 Kahikatea Flat Road, Waitoki

·         Tuesday 22nd September, 6-8 pm, Shoesmith Hall, Cnr Shoesmith and Brown Streets, Warkworth

·         Tuesday 29th September, 6-8pm Stevenson Room, 12 Massey Avenue, Pukekohe

·         Wednesday 30th September, 6-8pm Waitakere Ranges Local Board, 39 Glenmall Place, Glen Eden


Attention Rural Rate Payers!

[vie Beth Houlbrooke on FB ]
As part of the development of its Annual Plan 2016/17 council will be considering whether it wishes to consult on a proposal to change to how rates are charged to all farm and lifestyle properties.
2 meetings will be held in Rodney – Waitoki Hall 17th September 6-8pm and Shoesmith Hall Warkworth, 22nd September 6-8pm. In the meantime visit
Please LIKE and SHARE with your farming friends and families

Have your say on the “Love Being a Local” campaign in Puhoi

We are looking for feedback on the recent speed awareness campaign that the Puhoi Community  together with Auckland Transport and the Police developed for Puhoi.  The survey should take around  5-10 minutes to complete.

On completion, you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a Puhoi Valley Café voucher.

Follow this link to start the survey:  

As always your views are very much appreciated .

Any further questions can be addressed to the Community Transport Team at Auckland

Auckland Transport


Auckland Transport Plan Variation: Have Your Say

[1 – Statement of Proposal – RPTP Variation May 2015.compressed PDF]


Proposed Variation to the Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan

Auckland Transport (AT) is consulting on a proposed variation to Auckland’s Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) from Monday 11 May until 4pm Friday 5 June 2015. This document summarises the matters covered in the variation, and explains how you can provide feedback.

Please find attached a copy of the consultation document ‘Variation to the Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan – Statement of Proposal’.

What is the RPTP?

The RPTP is a statutory document that describes the services that are integral to Auckland’s public transport network and the policies and procedures that apply to those services; the current RPTP was completed in 2013.

What is being changed?

There is now the need to update references to some public transport initiatives within the RPTP and to incorporate some new initiatives. These include:

· Simplified zone fares

· Light rail

· Ferry development plan

· New Network service descriptions

The ‘Variation to the Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan – Statement of Proposal’ sets out the proposed changes to the RPTP to reflect new policies and procedures that would apply to services relating to these initiatives. AT is now seeking feedback on these changes, which are summarised below. Further details are outlined in the attached Statement of Proposal.

Please note: AT is not revising other parts of the document at this time, and is not seeking feedback on matters that are not covered in the Statement of Proposal. AT is planning a more comprehensive review of the RPTP in 2016, which will address these other matters.

1) Simplified Zone Fares

To support the new, connected public transport network being rolled out across Auckland, AT is proposing the introduction of simplified zone fares across the Auckland public transport network. The new system takes account of public feedback received during preparation of the current RPTP, which showed strong support for a zone-based fare system, but asked AT to review the zone boundaries.

The new simplified zone fares system will allow customers using AT HOP cards to pay one fare for their entire journey on bus or rail, regardless of whether or not they need to transfer between services to complete the journey.

AT is now seeking feedback on RPTP changes that establish the policy framework for the new fares system.

AT is also carrying out a more in-depth public consultation on simplified fare zones during May. This in-depth consultation is focused on the local implementation of the policy, and will enable people to understand how the changes will affect the cost of their travel. For more information on the fares consultation please visit

2) Light Rail Transit

Investigations into alternative public transport options for those parts of the Auckland isthmus that cannot be served by the commuter rail network have concluded that light rail is the best option to provide for increased capacity, reliability and speed. The recent public consultation on the Regional Land Transport Plan also revealed strong support for the concept of light rail. As a result, AT is investigating its introduction on some critical routes.

Subject to the outcome of further investigations, and approval to proceed including funding, AT is proposing a staged implementation of light rail. The initial stages, which may be implemented during the 10 year planning period of the RPTP would be likely to include Queen Street and Dominion Road – potentially including a link to Wynyard Quarter. A route extension to the Airport is also possible, subject to investigation of light rail and metro rail options. Other corridors (Sandringham Road, Manukau Road and Mt Eden Road) could be implemented at a later stage, subject to feasibility and funding. If implemented, light rail would replace the existing bus services on these routes.

AT is seeking feedback on the policy changes that would be needed to the RPTP to facilitate light rail on these routes.

3) Ferry Development Plan

Amendments to the current RPTP are proposed to give effect to the Ferry Development Plan prepared in 2014. The Ferry Development Plan identifies actions needed to better integrate ferry services into the wider public transport network, and outlines proposed improvements to ferry infrastructure and service levels.

AT is seeking feedback on proposed RPTP amendments that would give effect to the Ferry Development Plan.

4) New Network Service Descriptions

To enable implementation of the new bus network (New Network) in areas where community consultation has been completed, changes to the service descriptions in the RPTP are required. The consultation processes revealed strong community support for the New Network, but also identified some improvements to the planned services that have now been incorporated. As a result of this process, the New Network will be rolled out over the next year or so.

Amendments are proposed to the service descriptions in Appendix 1 of the RPTP and consequential amendments to include indicative start dates and route maps are also proposed.

Please note: AT is not seeking further feedback on this part of the variation as it has already been the subject of extensive public consultations during 2013 and 2014.

How to provide feedback

Written submissions on the RPTP variation outlined in the Statement of Proposal can be made online at, by email to, or by post to:

Freepost Authority No. 233462

RPTP Variation

Auckland Transport

Private Bag 92250

Victoria Street West

Auckland 1142

What happens after the consultation period?

AT will:

· Consider all the feedback received and make final decisions on the variations.

· Prepare a report on all the feedback received that summarises and responds to the feedback and includes final decisions on the variations. This report will be made available to all submitters and the public.

· Subject to the feedback received, adopt the variations to the RPTP and respond to submitters.

Further information

For further information please visit the project webpage, or contact Mathew Stewart on (09) 447 4831 or

Kind regards

Mathew Stewart | Consultation and Engagement Lead

6 Henderson Valley Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0612

Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142

DDI 09 447 4831 | F 09 355 3550 | | M 021 835 687 |

Rodney Local Board: Local Board Plan 2014

Hello everyone

The Rodney draft Local Board Plan 2014 captures what people have said is
important to them over the next 3 years and beyond.  Rodney Local Board want
to hear from you if they have got it right.

Warkworth Area Liaison Group, Warkworth Area Business Association and
Mahurangi Action are co-hosting a community meeting in Warkworth with Rodney
Local Board so people are more informed about the draft plan.  The meeting
will cover key ideas and initiatives about the draft local board plan and
explain how people can have their say.  The submission period opens on 7
July for one month.

Brenda Steele


Rodney Local board

Bruce Manson


Warkworth Area Liaison Group

Rachel Callender


Warkworth Area Business Assn

Temepara Morehu


Mahurangi Action

Vicki Shanley (Vicko) | PA/Liaison
Rodney Local Board
Ph 09 427 3177| Extn (44) 3177 | Mobile 021 979 472| Fax 09 426 7280
Auckland Council, 50 Centreway Road, Orewa 0931
Visit our website:

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