Can You Help Us Preserve The Memory?

Puhoi 150th anniversary committee member Adrian Anderson, whom many of you will have got to know for his enthusiasm,efficiency and general usefulness in the lead-up to and during the recent sesquicentennial celebrations, is now one of the people helping our Puhoi Historical Society to fundraise for a proposed new museum (details to be released, hopefully, in late September)
In the meantime, Adrian is preparing a DVD of the sesqui, including the lead-up period, to be prepared for sale as a fundraiser, not to mention a very welcome souvenir of a wonderful time in our lives as Bohemian descendants and Puhoi community members.
He already has access to some professional video and photographic material, but there are gaps in his records. Below are the main areas of need.

  • Now! What this email is all about (DVD set) material still required.
  • Obviously your ( Judith Williams’s) photos you are downloading for me.
  • Any stills from the 28th June TV1 breakfast broadcast and if possible a short video
  • Video of Fred Rauner playing in the Hall 28th June if possible please.
  • Images of the German visitors in February who attended the re-enactment
  •  Images of the February 2013 farmers market with the German visitors
  • Local dance group video or some stills
  • Stills of the 29th June & 30th June outdoor images only please
  • Any stills from the book launch 28th June

I will also check with the Cheese Factory if they have any photos we can use. What about other businesses like Puhoi Cottage? They had someone at the TV1 event. Looking back now I should have taken some photos of the traffic control children.

If you can put this request out in your next community newsletter that would be great thank you, and get them to send material to me or I can collect on a weekly basis from the Puhoi Historical Society archives room or their mail box  PO Box 404 224 in Puhoi. (please label it clearly : for Adrian Anderson)