Bring Home The Bacon!

salamiMaking your own Bacon, Salami & Chorizo

A practical workshop
Does the idea of making your own traditionally cured and great-tasting meat products excite you?

Could a practical workshop, in which you see how easy it all is, kick-start that hobby?
I will be running a one-day practical workshop, which focuses on making bacon, salami, chorizo and a few other meat small goods. You will see a simple set-up for cold smoking and air-drying meat products in action.

There will be a maximum of three participants on the day. This ensures a real hands-on experience. Total cost for the day will be $300. This includes breakfast, lunch, and a finishing drink on me at the local pub in Puhoi. The workshop is planned for Saturday the 30th of July.

Please email me on

Alternatively, ring me in the evening or weekend on 09 972 3390