Let’s Get The Rubbish Off Our Local Roads

Puhoi’s annual roadside cleanup, this Sunday, November 3, starting at 9.30am at the Sports Club carpark.

For years now, usually around November, some of our faithful residents have been cleaning up the roadsides of village and valley, while Kathy and Cody Mankelow of Puhoi River Canoe Hire have been taking to their kayaks to see what they can pull out of the drink, and some of it has not been nice.
The good part is, each year the job, at least on the land, gets easier, as old refrigerators and car bodies, builders waste, tyres and other ‘heavies’ get systematically dealt to annually.
This year should be easier than ever – a preliminary tour of my area, lower Ahuroa Road from village centre to cemetery, shows there are only a few bottles or cans and takeaway rubbish, probably chucked out a car window or blown off a recycling bin, lying around in the ditches and berms.
So here’s the drill: bring gloves, if you wish, and get yourselves down to the carpark at 9.30am to receive your rubbish bags from clean-up organiser Bill Marcroft and an area to cover.Return your bags to the carpark, ideally the same morning, where we expect they will be upflifted by a co-operative Auckland Council. FREELANCERS, TAKE NOTE, if you wish to get out on the road and do your own collection without coming down to the village, PLEASE phone Bill, 4220113, in advance so that he doesn’t waste other volunteers’ time by allocating the same area. Also let Bill know if you come across heavier items such as car parts ( this is probably likelier on the periphery of the catchment) and Auckland Council will arrange for their removal.Thank you, Bill and Judith.

A Big Thank You From The Hall Comittee

The Puhoi Hall Committee would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Annual Fundraising Dance,” says committee member Kathy Mankelow.  “The Band – The Damage provided awesome entertainment with many spellbound by the gorgeous lead singer. Special thanks to Bev and Amego for your amazing support and promotion of this event.  We raised a fabulous $1700 which will go towards the new Hall roof.  Our theme, Bohemians, Gypsies, Hobos and Clowns, was well received and more extra special thanks sent to our very own local gymnast Jasmine Papprill who surprised the crowd with her awesome aerial acrobatic performance during the supper break.  Yes, our very own little ‘Cirque de Soleil’ Puhoi Style – you should have been there. Lovely Jasmine also turned Gypsy card reader to raise a few extra gold coins for the cause. A fun night was had by all, ending with a spectacular thunder and lightening storm. See you all at the next dance”. (thanks for that report, Kathy, ed)

Bar Stool Injury

People have been enquiring about the condition of Greg, who was injured in a fall from a ‘bar stool bike’ in central Puhoi on September 20. Greg is now in intensive care, but his condition is still critical, says a local friend.

Unanimous Vote For Museum Plan

At a September 29 2013 public meeting in the Puhoi Hall the 35 adults present voted unanimously in favour of the society’s seeking Auckland Council permission for use of the public land including the dray site and rotunda reserve in the central village to build a museum. Historical society president Sue Tisdall explained the public meeting was a result of the AC requirement to consult with the community as part of the application process.

Feeling Arty?

In what has become a massive fixture in the Puhoi Calendar we are holding the annual Puhoi Art Exhibition from 23rd November to 1st December 2013. Entry is very simple using the online registration form.

This year we are have an optional  ‘150’ theme section – simply base your artwork(s) around something related to that number (it also happens to be 150 years since the first European settlement of Puhoi). There’ll be a prize for the artwork voted for by visitors.



A Walk for In the Light for Charity

By Lyz Smith
Adrian and I have been in Puhoi just about 12 years. We emigrated from the UK and love our local community.
As you may or may not know, I discovered I had metastatic breast cancer, diagnosed last year.
It has been an interesting year, topped off at Christmas by finding I also had bowel cancer. Anyway that got dealt to and I am currently dealing with my second round of chemotherapy. You may have noticed a succession of wigs. Fairly obvious as I never used to have a “proper” hairstyle and now I do!
Those who know me, are aware of how open I am and how I approach most things with a slightly warped sense of humour. I find that humour and lots of attitude get you through most things, also that being miserable can’t help you or those around you deal with an issue like this. I have no intention of giving in to it any time soon.
The personnel at Fuji Xerox where I work in Auckland, have been amazing in supporting me, particularly through the joys of chemotherapy, scans and various hospital appointments. I have also received some lovely pressies, too numerous to mention, but I would like to put my heartfelt thanks into this message.
My husband, Adrian has wanted to do something practical to help for some time and has hit upon the idea of raising money for Sweet Louise, a local charity which specifically supports women (and men) with secondary breast cancer. He has set himself a target of walking 100km in daylight hours, around Victoria Park on Saturday 14th December (to give himself as many daylight hours as he can). He has been training for about 10 weeks now and is covering approximately 100km a week. He has a website where friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances can donate and also follow his blog, which he updates each week.
http://www.give alittle.co.nz/cause/Louise
On behalf of Sweet Louise, Adrian and I would be very grateful for any support to this little known charity. Adrian would also like comments on his blog, just to know that the world knows what he’s going through (those blisters can be pretty painful and the body is not in the same shape it was back in the day). As Harrison Ford said in Raiders of the Lost Ark, “it ain’t the years honey, it’s the mileage”. And he sure has covered some miles. Please forward this link on to as many friends and acquaintances as you can.

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