Volunteers Needed for Wonderful Village Market

Currently we have 1 Manager and 5 women on the Committee– urgently need at least two more (strong men would be great!! As 3 of us are in our 70s.)

The Committee meets once a month in the Puhoi Library for a post Market breakdown (discussion) and to plan the next 2 – 3 markets – this is usually the Wednesday night following the market.

A week before each market, 7 signs are put out between Warkworth and Orewa and brought back the day following the market.

A month before each market, advertising is sent via email to several outlets including More FM, Rodney times and Mahurangi Matters and musicians are organized.

A Database of Stallholders is sent invitations to attend the next market and replies are tabled and positions recorded on a plan.

On the day,

Committee members arrive 6.30 – 7am to set up:

  •  Unlock the room underneath Sports club ready for Stallholders to set up.
  •  Unpack the Sports Club shed.
  •  Hang 3 banners from Sports club balcony and one from the bridge.
  •  Wheel out 3 rubbish bins and line with black liners (which are removed at the end of the market, taken home, recycling removed and what is left, transferred to Orange bags and put out for collection on Tuesday morning.)
  •  Carry out and set up 4 foldaway tables – 2 for the Community stall, 1 for Kids activity and 1 in the kitchen for Stallholders to make tea/coffee on.
  •  Carry out several large boxes for the Community table
  •  Carry out 4 large wooden tables to place out once stallholder cars have been moved.
  •  Carry out 4 large umbrellas and their bases and set into the tables.
  •  Carry out and set up a 3×3 gazebo for the musicians.

At 1pm above list is reversed.

Stall holders start arriving at 7.30am and Manager directs them to their allocated space and assists with any needs they have such as power.

At approx. 11am Manager goes to each stallholder for feedback on the day’s trading plus to collect their fee of $20 per 3×3 space.

Its Happening in The Park

For several years we’ve been having working bees to plant along the river in the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park. With the burst of spring weather this week a delicate drift of blossom has appeared along the bank. The council have mown a strip all along for us, so we now have a lovely new walking track from which to enjoy the park. This extends for about 1/2km from the left-hand gate, winding round past the Rosa Villa development on the opposite bank.

A sunny walk along the path is is such a pleasure now – thoroughly recommended to all! If we keep the track well trod it will keep the grass under control (we never know when we’ll be blessed with another mow!). Dogs are welcome on the track too (ignore the current signage, which refers to the paddock) – obviously with the usual clear-up and leash caveats.

Head round the existing track from the entrance

Picture 1 of 50

We’d like to make a little picnic space in the area opposite the tearooms with the addition of a couple of picnic benches.

With this new track, and the much improved gravel on the steps of the loop track (starting behind the toilet block), our park is turning into a precious asset for the village. Other projects include the clearing of the old sheep pens and possible development of a community garden, a refurbishment of the old tennis pavilion near the horse area and the clearing of invasive Arundo reeds along the bank – plenty to get involved with, and new ideas always welcome!

Spring is in the Air

Join us to celebrate Spring at the Puhoi Village Market on Sunday, 30th September, 9am – 1pm. Details to follow.

We have postponed the buskers and kids talent show until the October Market (28th) as this September market falls within the school holidays making it a bit tricky for those who are wanting to perform but heading away for the holidays.

Puhoi Community Forum Meeting to Be Held On Tuesday 28th August


MEETING TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY 28th August 2018 at 7.30pm at



Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 31st July 2018.

Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

Treasurer’s Report – for July 2018– as previously circulated by Jenny Schollum.

General Business

(i) Park Structures Discussion.

The community’s view on the future of the current buildings/structures within the park needs to be determined (please see council report circulated with last month’s minutes).

(ii) Puhoi needs the return or installation of community stocks (Paul Manton).

5. Working Group Updates

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Road Safety Group

Civil Defense

Neighborhood Support

Heritage Museum

Waiwera Valley Association

Village Market



NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th Sept at 7.30pm.

Joyful Abundance?

Your Puhoi Village Market Community Table Needs YOU!!
Do you have excess plants, fruit, vegetables or flowers in your garden, eggs or extra jars of recently made homemade jams or jellies in your pantry etc?????
These sell well on the Community table and dozens of visitors from outside our village come to the Puhoi Farmers’ Market every last Sunday of the month to purchase fresh produce and other goods.
Bring them along to the August Market early on the 26th and make some CASH!!
Simply drop items off before 9am to the table in front of the Sports Club entrance and a Committee member will help you price the items, record quantities and then sell on your behalf.
You then pick up any unsold items plus cash for all your sold goods at 1pm.
All that is asked in return, is for you to help with set up / break down or spend an hour helping other Committee members serving on the Community Table.
Enquiries: Sandra 094220051 or 027 6895985

Sheds in The Park

As part  of a recent audit by Auckland Council of buildings in the River Park, a report was done on the sheds currently being used by the tenant for storing farm equipment and hay. They are not in very good condition and would require extensive (i.e.  expensive) renovation to bring them up to a standard for use by the community. Puhoi Community Forum would like to canvas opinion locally on the value of the buildings and any suggestions as to possible uses and funding of renovation.



Minutes of the Puhoi Forum Community Meeting Held at Puhoi Sports Club On 31st July 2018


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 31st July 2018 commencing at 7.30pm.


Sorrel O’Leary (secretary), Terri Ryder, Heston Prosper-Smith, Sandra Beagley, Sheryll Titford.


Dustyn O’Leary (co-chair), Paul Manton (Chair), Gavin Donaldson, Jenny Schollum (treasurer), Mike Swain, Luke Krieg (deputy chair), Brian Titford, Judith Williams.


Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 27 June 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Luke Krieg

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary



Jenny noted that subs are low due to members not renewing and groups with outstanding fees. Luke Krieg offered to send out an email encouraging old members to rejoin. Action – Luke Krieg. The annual charities return has also been completed, big thanks to Jenny for her work on this.

Motion 2

THAT the Treasurer’s report for April 2017 be accepted as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Luke Krieg

Seconded: Gavin Donaldson Carried

Motion 3

THAT invoices for work and plants in the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park be paid (details in treasurers report).

Moved: Jenny Schollum

Seconded: Paul Manton



  1. Working Group Updates

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Audit of Assets

A report (audit of assets) has been issued by Auckland Council on the structures within the park, as part of the sub lease agreement processing, and this has raised the issue of safety of some of the older buildings such as the red barn in the farm section of the park (please see the full report attached to the minutes). No action has been taken on this yet and ongoing discussions are being held with Kevin Jones, Forum officers and Council to fully assess the buildings and determine what the options are for resolving the current safety issues. In the short term, signage and safety fencing will be installed around unsafe structures within the park. A discussion was held regarding the value of the building assets within the park and the members present deemed it appropriate to garner the opinions of the wider community on the issue.

Motion 4

THAT an agenda item regarding the structures in question be put on the agenda for the next forum meeting so that the wider community has the chance to attend and express their wishes. Opinions will also be sought via the village website and facebook page (action Mike Swain).

Moved: Gavin Donaldson

Seconded: Luke Krieg


River Walkway

Wood Pigeon Ltd (local contractor) has been employed to install the rabbit/spray sleeves around the new plants, carry out weed control in the planted areas and release last years planting. This work has been started and will continue in the coming weeks.

Motion 5

THAT Wood Pigeon Ltd shall complete the sleeving, weeding and releasing work required up to the total invoiced value of $1000.

Moved: Dustyn O’Leary

Seconded: Jenny Schollum



Re-gravelling of the bush track has almost been completed, with the top ¼ of the track still to go. A tractor is needed to drop gravel at the top for this so will have to wait until the weather is drier to get this part completed.

Mud has become a major issue on the grassed section of the loop track. This problem needs to be followed up with the Council to see if an alternative surface could be installed to ensure the track is usable year round.

Puhoi Scouts Club

The Puhoi Scouts Group are looking for land to site a new club house. They have the money for a building but nowhere to locate it. Please contact Heston Prosper-Smith if you know if a potential site. It was noted by the membership that Puhoi has no central community hub that is always available for use by groups such as the Heritage Museum, Scouts, Civil Defense.

Road Safety Group

Absent/No new action to report.

Civil Defense/ Neighbourhood Support

Absent/No new action to report.

Puhoi Heritage Museum

Commemoration stone is in now in place for the heritage trees planted 65 years ago.

Village market

The market has been quiet due to the weather/season but is going well.

Pest Control

The growth of Spanish Reed (Arundo donax) in several locations within the park has been noted as an issue and it was suggested that the Council maintenance contractor be contacted to see if they would remove the plants in question. Action – Gavin Donaldson.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.


The next meeting and the AGM will be held on Tuesday 28th August 2018 from 7.30pm.

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