Minutes of the Puhoi Forum Community Meeting 30th October 2018



HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 30th October 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm.


None received


Paul Manton, Mike Swain, Dustyn O’Leary, Teri Ryder, Jenny Schollum, Judith Williams, Sandra Beagley, Sorrel O’Leary, Gavin Donaldson, Bryan Titford.

Incoming correspondence/ Local Board Update

Public consultation is currently open on two bylaws, public safety and nuisance and Council review on development contributions policy. Feedback required by 5 Nov.
Collapsed jetty removed from behind Hall by local Board.
Renewal work coming up around the Library, door and chimney, chimney, pathways and signage.
AT approaches NZTA re bus stops on main roads, which are a difficulty. Local Board will continue to pursue a stop for Puhoi.
Roadworks coming up on Krippner road.
Ahuroa Road next major project for AT 2019 – 2021.


Matters arising from the minutes

Clarification was sought on the following points:

i) Jenny was not approaching landowners on behalf of the Forum regarding the BAN 1080 sign.

ii) The Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park is not being closed due to kauri dieback.

Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 28th August 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Dustyn OLeary

Seconded: Paul Manton



Landcare funds have been received and will be used to pay for planting completed during 2018 winter. Lance has completed the spraying work around the new planting. Confirmation sought to pay for this work

Motion 2

THAT the Forum pay Lance $270 for his work in the park.

Moved: Sorrel O’Leary

Seconded: Judith Williams


Motion 3

THAT the Treasurer’s report for April 2017 be accepted as a true and accurate record.


Moved: Jenny Scholum

Seconded: Paul Manton



i) Street Party

Will be held on Dec 10th (Monday) in Puhoi Hall, starting at 6.00pm. Forum members to come half an hour earlier to help set up. Market manager to arrange music if possible.

ii) Working Groups Updates

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Mike has removed all internal sheep pens, leaving only the perimeter in place. Most poles except large ones removed but still need backfilling. This could be community garden space. A committed team and comprehensive plan for the area is needed, keep Council informed for approval. Philippa would be interested in setting up composting there also, possible use of pony poo.
Ongoing to and fro communication with UMS parks people doing the maintenance work. Paul contacted Tess, 25th Sept. and Will and Alison Roe, about mowing the riparian strip. UMS have mowed the 830mstrip along the new fenced river walkway but it is not on his maintenance list, so he needs to have this recognized by Council and added to the Park Maintenance Plan to ensure ongoing mowing happens.
Finally got some maintenance from Council, did some additional clearing. They will be coming twice more.
The Gorse growh in far end above subdivision requires attention, Will Mayber of UMS has a prototype drone to spray – we may want to be involved in a trial. This would involve a cost for spray.
Will can look at tidying up tracks, but it is currently outside scope of general maintenance.
Pigs have been seen on the track, but don’t represent a strong public safety issue.
Goats have proliferated at far end of valley, culling will be taking place on NX2 and Asia Pacific land but not within the park itself.

Traffic Safety/Walkways

Opportunity to lower speed limit within the village area was discussed. Beth suggested writing to Auckland Transport re 30 km speed reductions or village – copy in Beth. Beth recommends to pass a resolution, copy that resolution as an attached PDF from Puhoi Forum, formalizing the request. Luke suggests that the reduction in speed spans from State Highway 1 to Rosa Villa Lane or Cemetery. Without adequate provision for safe walking, reducing the speed from 80km/h down to 50km/h in the outer areas and from 50km/h to 30km/h within village center. Any resolution from the Forum will only start the discussion and AT will carry out full consultation on the matter before any changes are made.

Motion 4

THAT the forum writes a formal letter to Auckland Transport requesting a reduction in the speeds limits from SH1 to the Cemetery.

Moved: Luke

Show of Hands: Majority in favor.


Civil Defense

Oct 10th there was a meeting of the mothership group, Rodney East Emergency Defence Group. Judith attended and suggests Puhoi should be part of this group as currently isn’t. Judith requested a motion passed to approve Puhoi starting a local civil defence group. This group can draw on the plan for Mahurangi West and adapt this for Puhoi – responsibilities, assets etc. and would need the support and credibility offered by Forum.

Heritage Museum

14-15th Nov Czech film company are making a documentary about emigrants around the world, and because settlers came from what is now part of Czechoslovakia, they will be visiting museum and church.
First entry now up sharing local Maori people heritage of Puhoi.
Armistice Day 11th Nov, short ceremony at the church and bells to mark this.

Village Market

Numbers were reduced for last market. It was day after Kowhai festival!

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.


The next meeting and the AGM will be held on Tuesday 27th November 2018 from 7.30pm.

Kids! Help Reduce Plastic & Landfill – Make it Yourself and Make Some Cash


Hey kids, want to make some pocket money for Xmas?

This is our last market for the year and we are wanting home-made Xmas decorations and cards.
We will supply (free) a gazebo and stall space for you to share with other kids for the sale of your Xmas crafts.
Just bring a small box or bag with your goods and set up at our coming Puhoi Village Market on Sunday 25 November
Let me know that you are coming by emailing puhoivillagemarket@gmail.com for further details.

Sealing Ahuroa Road – Update from Glen Ashton

[ Update from Glen Ashton on progress of the sealing of Ahuroa Road on Ahuroa Grapevine ]

Hi all,

AT have confirmed the following timetable for sealing Ahuroa Road:

  • Presently under preliminary investigation.
  • March 2019 – Design phase
  • November 2019 to 2021 Construction phase
    Length 8.5 Km (i.e. fully sealed).

Expectation that at $5 million per annum there will be enough budget.

I am still communicating with the powers to be on why they are not allocating more of our money on road sealing. Shane Ellison the CEO of AT has admitted that is has been diverted into higher priority projects like the City Rail Link. AT reduced what seemed like a $12.1 million allocation (the Mayor announced $121 million over 10 years) to $4.7 million this year and $5 million next year. It appears that AT are “uncontrolled” and are to blame for the lack of road sealing progress. Either the Mayor and Auckland Council have lost control of AT or they are both in cohorts misleading the Rodney Rural public.

Unfortunately, unless we do something about it, our side roads will not be sealed within our lifetime, but downtown Auckland will be fabulous! Think about it every time you fill up with gas with the RFT or paying the new Local Target Transport Rate. Us rural people are being screwed by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

I will give a more informed update shortly.

p.s. Only 8.7 Km of new seal since 9 years in Super City.

Puhoi Community Forum Meeting to Be Held On Tuesday, 30th October

MEETING TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY, 30th October at 7.30pm at
1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 28th August, 2018
2. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)
3. Treasurer’s Report for September 2018 (previously circulated) – Jenny Schollum
4. General Business
(i) Puhoi Christmas street party
(ii) Working Groups – updates
• Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park
• Road Safety Group
• Civil Defence
• Neighbourhood Support
• Historical Society
• Others
(iv) Village market – Judith Williams
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 26th November at 7.30pm.

We Can See Your House From Here

Reagan Remeka recently took some great drone footage of the village – shown here as a fisheye view. See if you can zoom in in your house…

Share Your Talent at the Village Market

This month’s Puhoi Village Market on 28 October (9am – 1pm) is mainly geared towards the kids. We are having a talent show where the young ones (and the young at heart) can show us their dance moves, a song, poem, a magical skill or whatever they want.
This is not a competition rather it is a space to share our creative talents with each other. Register on the day from 9.30am.
Local buskers and musicians will also join us to keep the music flowing.
George the Magician will put on a magic show at 11am and we have a car boot sale happening in the car park where treasures can be found. Still time to book a space at puhoivillagemarket@gmail.com
Easy parking, family friendly, safe playground for the little ones. All this and a great selection of food, craft and plant stalls at our friendly, quirky market. See you there.

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