AUCKLAND Significant Weather 04/04/17

Significant weather now impacting the Auckland Region. 

A near-stationary line of downpours is likely to continue producing high intensity rainfalls, 25-45 mm/hr over the next 3-4 hours, and potentially longer.

There is real concern for rapid and extreme rainfall accumulations and associated localised flooding in the next few hours, while these downpours are slow-moving.

If your life is at risk dial 111. For any non urgent calls contact 09 301 0101.

If your property or suburb is flood prone

Make sure drains and gutters are cleared
Report any blocked or overflowing public street drains – see the AucklandCouncil website for more information.
Move any items in flood-prone areas somewhere they won’t get wet or damaged.
If your property or suburb may be affected by slips or power outages

Prepare for the possibility that your road access may be cut off.
Ensure you have food and provisions on hand in case of isolation.
Never attempt to drive over slips.
Treat power lines as live at all times.
Drive to the conditions

Never drive through floodwaters.
Avoid areas where flooding has occurred and, if roads are closed, observe road closures at all times.
If stuck in flood waters, get out of your car and move to higher ground as quickly as possible.