Art Meets History

At the Historical Society AGM Carole Hay and Priscilla Everts gave a foretaste of the art and photographic display being planned for the June 28-30 2013 in collaboration with the Puhoi Historical Society. The venture will see the Hall walls covered with historic photographs provided by the society, representing the Puhoi of the past, and that of the present represented by the two artists, who have combined their photographic, artistic and calligraphic talents for the anniversary. The sample of artistic styles, framing and combinations of media they showed was an exciting indication of the quality of the works to be displayed around the hall for the three-day anniversary, most of which are one-off, some of which will be for sale and some can be reprinted. Some of us were especially taken by a photographic view of our church surrounded painstakingly with the words and notation from the Egerlaender Volksingmesse -the Egerlaender Folk Mass – once performed there.  “A challenging collaboration between the skill of the photographer, artist and calligrapher by two assertive women, both full of ideas and the ability to work together,” was Priscilla and Carole’s description of their venture. The meeting thanked them for their contribution in enhancing Puhoi’s sesquicentennial.