Additional Agenda Item for Forum Meeting (Traffic Congestion): Feb 28th 2017

[from Russel Green]

Traffic congestion issues/alternatives.

Hi all, I agree the traffic congestion around the Shop at School bus time is a safety issue for the kids and a nightmare for drivers to negotiate at times.


With the new subdivision just up the road, accessed via Rosa Villa Lane I wonder if this gives us a new opportunity to redirect this congestion to a more open area that has less limitations than the central hub of Puhoi.

For these reasons;

  1. It’s a deadend road so no passing traffic to contend with
  2. It has a large turnaround area at the end so no reversing needed by the buses
  3. It has heaps of kerbside for cars to park against
  4. It is wide enough to accommodate two buses passing each other
  5. It is in the general direction of where future growth to Puhoi will come from
  6. It has a footpath back towards the village for use



Could I please ask that this option is explored as a viable alternative to what happens now as well as the current plan, of moving the buses up 50 metres up the road towards the band rotunda area which to me seems like not really fixing the problem but just moving the problem.


I am sure some of the new subdivision residents might have a different view but this is an issue affecting the whole village and the bus interchange time is very quick turnaround, hence any disruption to them is minimal.


Thank you,

Russell Green


021 655461.