Puhoi Historic Village is so close to New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, but a world away.


Puhoi is one of two ethnic historic villages in New Zealand with the second being Akaroa, which is close to Christchurch and settled by the French in the 1840’s.


In 1863, the early settlers of Puhoi came from Bohemia, an area of what is now the Czech Republic. After a long voyage the settlers arrived in Auckland before being taken by sailing cutter to the mouth of the Puhoi River. They were transferred to Maori canoes for the last four miles of their 124 days long journey.


The settlers were dumped in a wilderness vastly different from what they had expected and felt despondent and let down.

Initially firewood was the sole trading commodity. It took a lot of effort for little gain but they had no choice but to take what little was on offer. By 1870 there were several hundred head of cattle which provided them with meat, hides and bullocks for coupling together to move logs and for general haulage.


Read more about the history of Puhoi on www.puhoihistoricalsociety.org.nz.


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Pūhoi, up the boohai – Audio Guide to Puhoi by Roadside Stories


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