A Message From NZ Police

Residents of Puhoi , you live in a small community and all of you are known by each other,  your words and actions rebound around the community that I was once part off and still fondly remember.

I have quietly spoken in the past to a number of you over road safety matters .

It is with regret that a number of residents and workers in and around the village are increasing the risk posed to us all around the village with the speed passed the village store.

The MAXIMUM speed through the village is 50kmh, however when there is a school bus this is reduced to 20KMH around the bus. This is for safety reasons and the welfare of both parents and children at these busy times of the day.

You are also a reflection of this great nation to the many thousands of overseas visitors that make the village a destination from all over the world, your actions are watched by many and by the children you raise.

Your actions are a reflection of yourself in the community and a less than desirable reputation in a small village can last a long time.

With the speeds obtained recently and from observations by Police and locals a tragedy is in the making.

A community is just that and only survives due to the common purpose and values exhibited by all.


Road user behaviour in and around the village is everyone’s responsibility , New Zealand Police value your assistance in this matter and will be readily assisting in the reduction of risk.

Constable Heath TURNER
Section 1 Auckland Motorways | Waitemata District  | New Zealand Police
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