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Woolly Delights

13606911_1272051676148050_1795990145203014229_n[1] Look out for the Buzyme Craft Stall at the market this Sunday and cosy up with some witty knits. There’s loads to explore and it’s a delight for all ages. Say hi to the crafty knitters Samantha and Janet while you’re there.

Passing On The Arty Baton

Is anyone in the village interested in organizing the Art Show this year? Jenny and I have done the bulk of the admin work for last few years, but it would be nice to hand it on to someone else in the village with an arty bent. There a lots of people around who help out, and it’s currently penciled in to run in the hall at the end of November…if interested please email me or ph.4220478

Splendid Idea! A Village Charabanc Trip…

Puhoi Sports Club Fundraiser

Where: Gibbs Farm

When: 20th October 2016

Time: 10am until 2pm

The Puhoi Sports Club is a very active and vibrant club dedicated to serving our local community and providing opportunities for both junior and senior sports teams.

The Puhoi Sports Club is a nonprofit making organization and are currently fundraising to upgrade the facilities.

Below image sculpture by Anish Kappoor

Show your support and book now with iTICKET using the link below

Rodney Neighbourhood Support Newsletter

20th July 2019.  Issue:  21


Please forward to all your members and may be circulated on your local websites.




To our new members Riverhead, Whangaparaoa, Matakana, Waitoki, Wainui, Dairy Flat, Stanmore Bay, Huapai, Makarau,Glorit and Cowan Bay.


AGM 2016

At St Chad’s Anglican Church, 117 Centreway Road, Orewa.

For all Residents and Street Contacts and their members throughout Rodney Neighbourhood Support Incorporated area. This covers all of Hibiscus Local Board and Rodney Local Board districts and Mangawhai. Guest Speakers. We welcome new members to join our team. Supper will be served.


Share transport and bring your neighbours.

RSVP: 15th August for catering purposes or come at the last minute.




We require new members to add to our enthusiastic team.  We meet every two months unless something important needs a special meeting. Your role will be to support our other members and assist in making decisions on how we market, increase our services to our members,  to represent us on occasions at Street Group meetings and be part of a team who believes in Neighbourhood Support ideals in this modern society.



All members are invited to join our Rodney Neighbourhood Support Facebook Group.  We have local news and alerts on-the-fly as they happen and includes community news and events.  This group is for RNSI members only.  We have had a great response from the notice in our last newsletter.  However, People have sent join requests and we do not know who they are.  Please can you confirm your Group Membership by emailing your Facebook ID to Margaret:






Helensville Police Station:  09 420 8967

Kumeu Police Station:  09 412 5293

Wellsford: Sharon Glen: : 09 423 8228

Orewa: Michael Brown: : 09 426 4555

Whangaparaoa Police Station: 09 424 6500

Warkworth Police Station: 09 423 8228





Sergeant Steve Perris


Thanks us all for our vigilance in helping to keep neighbours and property safe. He also reminds us to call 111 if we see anything suspicious.  Please continue with your usual crime prevention plans and please do not become too complacent and remember to lock and alarm houses, vehicles and sheds  etc.


Contact:  ph.  09 4246500 Whangaparaoa Police Station




Also get your phone updated with the …  New Red Cross hazard app in Auckland. Auckland residents are being advised to change their current civil defence phone alert system to a new national Red Cross hazard app.

Find out more about the Red Cross hazard app and download it.

Nationwide app for civil defence alerts

“We’re changing to a national platform for civil defence alerts and we’d like to encourage all Aucklanders to download the Red Cross hazard app so they can receive real-time alerts to help them stay safe in an emergency,’ says Councillor Sharon Stewart, Chair of the Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Committee.Auckland will join Northland, Waikato, Wellington and other regions using the Red Cross hazard app to push real-time emergency notifications. The Red Cross hazard system is also being used by other organisations such as Geonet and MetService.

“The new app is free to download from the Apple store or Google Play. After 30 June, the current Auckland Civil Defence device will be decommissioned and will no longer be used to pre-warn you if there is an emergency,” says Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management Director, John Dragicevich.

Getting information during emergencies

“The Red Cross hazard app will allow users to stay informed about hazards and risks through their mobile devices.

However Civil Defence uses a range of different channels, including radio, television, SMS and social media to deliver timely information to make sure all New Zealanders know what they need to do to keep themselves, their whanau and their neighbours safe.”

Kind regards to all,

Margaret Faed

Rodney Neighbourhood Support Inc.

Phone:  0212583737 or 08009420111





Rodney Local Board, Hibiscus Bays Local Board, Jim’s Mowing, GJ Gardner Homes, Kaipara Cat Fishing Charters, Internal Affairs, The NZ Lottery Board.



PCF Meeting Agenda: 26th July 1016




  1. Apologies

  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 28 June 2016

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report – for June 2016 – Jenny Schollum

  1. Project Workshops held end June/beginning July – Dustyn O’Leary

Reports from the 3 Workshops held.

  1. PPMP directions (strategic planning, how to go forward, linking up with proposed walkways, revisit management plan, new group to form?)  Sorrel O’Leary

  1. River Park Update – Paul Manton

  1. General Business


The next meeting and AGM will be held on Tuesday 30th August 2016 at 7.30pm.

PCF Meeting Minutes: 28 June 2016


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 28 JUNE 2016 commencing at 8.10pm

PRESENT: Dustyn O’Leary (Chair) Judith Williams, Jenny Schollum (Treasurer), Terri Ryder, Helen Darnell, John Simons, , Ian Boothroyd, Sandra Beagley, Beth Houlbrooke (Rodney Local Board), Kristin Gillies, Jim Sephton, Russell Green, Paul Manton, Sorrel O’Leary, Gavin Donaldson, Sheryll Titford, Brian Titford, Jenny Neel, Mike Swain, Val Smith, Graham Bockley, Pat Bockley, Terri Ryder, Derek Broadmore, Roz Broadmore, Fran Endemann, Bernadette Straka, Clinton McClean, Martyn Smith, Annaliese Ferguson, Wendy Hayton (Secretary, Minutes)

APOLOGIES: Larry Mitchell, Guinny Sorensen, Peter Straka


The minutes of the meeting held on 31 May 2016 had been previously circulated. These were accepted as being a true and accurate record.

Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 31 May 2016 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Gavin Donaldson

Seconded: Paul Manton



Rodney Local Board Public Meetings

Judith Williams reported back as requested at the last meeting regarding the 8th October 2016 Council elections. She is still gathering information but has been in touch with Democracy Services at the Council. Since these elections are for Mayor, Councillors and Local Board, Judith wondered whether the Forum were still interested in inviting just some or all of those standing for election to speak. Beth Houlbrooke suggested inviting all, since not everyone would turn up. There is still a question of costs. Judith is to follow up further and report to the July meeting.

Action: Judith Williams

Progress on Wetland

Dustyn had clarified that the grant is for fencing and culvert materials, digger and tractor hire, and riparian planting costs. It had been established that Kevin the lease farmer is happy to fill in the drain, once the weather gets better, and liaise with the fencing. The rest of the grant should be spent in the next 6 months, but this could be extended upon application to the Local Board.

School Bus Turnaround

Terri Ryder had spoken to Nick at the Puhoi Store, who had spoken to AT. Nick felt that the proposed turnaround stop in the layby by the Hall was unsuitable and dangerous and is happy to continue having the children catch the bus from the Store, so long as parents are informed that they must have their children under control. Some children are dropped off an hour before the bus comes and there has been theft and damage.

AT are attending the Workshop on the Village Centre, and the situation will be discussed again there. It is considered that the Puhoi Store is the safest option.

It was agreed that Judith Williams’ newsletter and Mike Swain’s website should carry information for parents and children on this situation. If things do not improve, then the Forum could consider the next step. Terri is to email Judith and Mike with the appropriate wording.

Action: Terri/Judith/Mike


Jenny Schollum spoke to her previously circulated report.

Payment of $30 to Forum Secretary was agreed.

Motion 2

THAT the Treasurer’s Report for April 2016 be accepted.

Moved: Terri Ryder

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary



Dustyn reminded Workshop leaders that Cissy Rock from the Council would be in touch

with them to help plan their Workshops, and once they had agreed, individual groups are

responsible for organizing advertising and flyers etc.


Dustyn, Sorrel and Kathy had attended a Rodney region workshop on this about 5 weeks ago. They have established the Matakana Coast Trail Trust as an overarching group over the smaller community groups, including the Puhoi Forum. Kathy volunteered to be the Forum representative on this Trust. It was agreed that Puhoi representation is very important. A number of Forum members expressed their interest in being involved in this project. Mike Swain is to talk to Kathy about involvement and to report back to the July meeting. It is a very big project and it is currently awaiting engineering reports on swing bridges and other construction.

Action: Mike Swain


  1. Farmers’ Market Update

Judith Williams reported that the August Farmers’ Market will focus on young talent (for children up to the age of 18).

  1. Puhoi Historical Society Report

Sheryll Titford reported that the Society had hosted a number of tour groups from Auckland very successfully. The Society had organized the commemoration of the Puhoi 153 anniversary of settlers landing with a dance the previous Saturday and Mass, wreath laying and dancing on the Sunday.

There was a Workshop at the Museum to encourage people to understand more about

the Museum’s activities on the Sunday, including restoration of old photos. This

service will be available ongoing. Please get in touch with Sheryll or Jenny. Cissy

Rock had helped organize a scavenger hunt at the Museum as part of the Workshop.

Sheryll thanked all those involved for their help.

  1. Local Board Report – Beth Houlbrooke

Beth reported on the year 2015-2016. She is currently the Local Board’s representative for Puhoi, although at the election on 8th October this may change. The Local Board has, in the recent past, funded the pedestrian footbridge, the grant of $11,750 for the walkway, the Puhoi Historical Society ($600 for a project), and received deputations from the Road Safety Group and the Sports Club. The Local Board is also funding the current Forum Workshops and providing Cissy Rock as a facilitator. Two ANZAC day wreaths have also been funded.

Beth also is available to meet with individuals about any and all issues to do with walkways, paths, the park etc. If anyone has any issues, the first port of call is the Auckland Council’s website complaints system, which works well. AT have a similar facility. If answers forthcoming from this website system are not satisfactory, Beth is the next port of call to bring issues up with.

Dustyn thanked Beth for her attendance during the year.

  1. Dog Roaming

Dogs have recently destroyed 14 sheep as well as other stock. It was proposed that if anyone catches a stray dog they call the 0800 Council number for the Dog Ranger, who will take it to the Pound in Silverdale, where it will be well looked after. This seems to be a growing problem. There was also a suggestion that if anyone finds a dog whose owner they know, it would be courteous to return the dog to its rightful owner, rather than involving the Dog Ranger.

  1. Sports Club Update

Ian Boothroyd reported that the new tennis courts, funded by the Council’s Parks Department, are taking a little longer than expected due to poor foundations. The concrete has currently been left to cure for 2 months. They will be used for tennis, netball, 5 a side soccer and will be available to anyone in the community. The Sports Club will be holding events on the Courts from time to time, and will have oversight of the equipment. Fencing will occur shortly.

The Club now has wifi and a screen for presentations which can be used by other clubs and societies. The Club puts out a weekly newsletter in the winter, mainly concerned with soccer, and is likely to continue into the summer. Ian is considering a wider spread of the newsletter via Mike Swain’s website.

A new initiative is being started on Wednesdays when the Club will open in the evening for pool, darts, card games etc. The kitchen and bar will also be open. This is on a trial basis.

  1. Letters of thanks

It was agreed the secretary should send letters of thanks for service to the Puhoi Forum on behalf of all members to Larry Mitchell (previous Co-Chair) and Beth Houlbrooke (Local Board).


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 July at 7.30pm.

Ag Day at Ahuroa School


This year we are opening our annual Ag Day to all our community families.  As well as being great fun, participation provides children with a unique and valuable opportunity to learn about animal husbandry, agricultural and horticultural practice in NZ, as well as growing food in our own gardens.  We appreciate not all children have the opportunity to be involved within their own schools, which is why we are opening our 2016 Ag Day to all our local families.

Please find more information below.  If your family would like to make the most of this opportunity please let us know so we can keep you updated.

Cover Letter and Ag Day Info Pack 2016

Market Stalls


We will once agin be hosting market stalls – fresh produce, handmade crafts, preserves etc.  If you would like to book a stall please let us know.  All profits remain with stall holders. There is a small cover charge of $20 per table.

Come along!

Besides many outside an inside presentations, there will be loads of things to see and do – stalls, bake sales, BBQ, hot and cold drinks, farmers competitions, country games.  Mark this date in your calendars now!

If you need more convincing here’s just a taste of last years Ag Day.

My warmest regards, Michelle

Chairman Brown’s 80 Year Plan

[Reproduced from Glen Ashton’s post on Ahuroa Grapevine. See also to]
Hi all

Andy Finch of AT has sent me the detailed spreadsheet of the unsealed road priority.

From this spreadsheet it is easy to derive the length of time before a road is sealed. Simply accumulate the estimated cost and divide by the annual sealing budget ($3.4 million – targeted transport levy).

On the AT website Ahuroa Road has priority 6 but if you read the small print this is only for the highest priority section. Ahuroa Road is in 5 sections and the priority six is only for a very small 0.41 Km stretch.

Here are the results in years before the following roads are sealed:

Ahuroa Road .41Km 4 years
Ahuroa Road .46Km 4 years
Ahuroa Road 5.08Km 6 years
Ahuroa Road .49Km 11 years
Ahuroa Road 2.44Km 30 Years

Martins Access 2.39Km 28 years
Wechs Access 2.98Km 36 years
Komokoriki Hill Road 6.33Km 40 years
Wilson Road .39 Km 41 years
J Tolpohf Road .48Km 54 years
Hawkens Road .97KM 62 years

Ahuroa Valley Road 2.75Km 66 years
Poyner Road 1.45Km 72 Years
Clifford Road .97Km 76 years
Parker Road .94Km 80 years

Ahuroa has had no capital infrastructure since 2010 and the future looks grim under the present regime.

It makes one wonder why Ahuroa ratepayers are paying their rates? Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are diverting our rate money into the CBD and City Rail link. Obviously of no use to us, we cannot even connect to public transport.

Elections are coming soon and it is time to think about Local Board members and Councilors that will support Rural Rodney and stop the centric Super City spending.


Glen Ashton Ahuroa Hill Country Farming

0274 906 889


From: Andy Finch (AT) []

Sent: 12 July 2016 9:52 a.m.

To: Glen Ashton <>; Tony McCartney (AT) <>; David Warburton (AT) <>; ‘Mayor Len Brown’ <>; ‘Stephen Town’ <>; Councillor Penny Webster <>; ‘Phelan Pirrie – Rodney’ <>; ‘Hibiscus & Bays” <>; ‘Office of Mark Mitchell MP’ <>;

Subject: RE: Sealing of Ahuroa Road

Hi Glen,

Thank you for your email dated 30 June. I apologise for the delay in replying.

As requested I attach the spreadsheet used by Auckland Transport to prioritise the unsealed road network for sealing. This spreadsheet does not include an analysis of the specific length of time that will pass before a road will obtain funding for sealing. I believe that this would be misleading as any calculation would need to make assumptions around the level of funding to be identified for seal extensions in the Long Term Plan to be published in 2018 and subsequent iterations. It would also need to assume an average cost of sealing which may or may not be realised across the entire sealing programme.

I am aware of your concerns regarding the summarising of a number of unsealed road sections on the same road into one line on the spreadsheet. I addressed this in my response to you dated 13 May 2016. An updated prioritised list fully addressing this issue will be published early 2017.

The point you have made regarding rates and the targeted transport levy would be better addressed by Auckland Council.


Andy Finch
Manager, Strategic Asset Management and Systems
6 Henderson Valley Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0612
Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142
Auckland Transport

P 09 355 3553 ext (48)9579 | F 09 355 3550
DDI +64 9 4474579
Mobile 021331066 |


From: Glen Ashton []
Sent: Thursday, 30 June 2016 11:05 a.m.

To: Andy Finch (AT) <>; Tony McCartney (AT) <>; David Warburton (AT) <>; ‘Mayor Len Brown’ <>; ‘Stephen Town’ <>; Councillor Penny Webster <>; ‘Phelan Pirrie – Rodney’ <>; ‘Hibiscus & Bays” <>; ‘Office of Mark Mitchell MP’ <>;

Subject: Sealing of Ahuroa Road

Hi Andy

Thanks for the reply (below)

The analysis that supports the road sealing priority list used to be on the AT website. It would be useful if you could send me that spreadsheet (as per your offer). I believe that it would be very easy to assess the time it will take to complete any and all unsealed roads.

From your detailed analysis of each road section (I have the old spreadsheet before it was taken off the AT web site) we know the Km to be sealed and the priority order. We know that the annual budget for extension road sealing is $1.4 million per annum. We know that road sealing costs $1 million per Km. Thus only 1.4 Km will get sealed per year. You could add a couple of columns to your detailed spreadsheet to calculate the years to completion of each section. Not hard. If AT cannot do this, then send me the latest detailed spreadsheet and I will provide the spreadsheet calculations free of charge.

Thus given that the lowest priority of a section of the Ahuroa Rd is 147 then from you old detailed spreadsheet it will take 40 years to complete! Side roads will take 300 to 800 years to be sealed.

I believe AT are deliberately misleading the public by publishing only the summary spreadsheet. Several residents of Ahuroa now think that the Ahuroa Road sealing is going to be completed in the near future given it is a priority 6 (which in fact is only a small section of .41Km).

An honest publication of the timeframe for road sealing extensions on the AT website would be a better approach. That would provide ratepayers, councillors, AC staff and AT staff with accurate information from which a debate can be held.

Perhaps AT and AC do not wish to be drawn into public debate and wish to continue diverting Ahuroa rates into CBD congestion issues funding instead of improving our local Ahuroa infrastructure. Ahuroa rates should provide Ahuroa infrastructure according to the Local Bodies Act. Rural Rodney is being neglected by the Centric Super City. Ahuroa has had no capital infrastructure since being forced into the Super City. The reason we pay rates is to sustain and improve our local environment, certainly not to fund downtown projects, 80 Km away that have no benefit to us.

Why are Ahuroa ratepayers paying a three year targeted transport levy when there is absolutely no benefit to our area? I believe that AC and AT are in breach of the Local Bodies Act.

I await your reply.
Glen Ashton


Dear Glen,

Sealing of Ahuroa Road – CAS-276834-P5T2Y8

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the updated road sealing priority list published early 2016.

As you have identified this updated list aggregated all unsealed sections of Ahuroa Road. These are detailed on the attachment to this letter. It is probable that the three sections with the highest priority will be aggregated and sealed together.

It is difficult to assess how long it will take to seal Ahuroa Road in its entirety. The funding for seal extensions over the period 2015 to 2018 has been set along with the programme for delivery of the highest priority projects. However, the next Council Long Term Plan will be published in 2018. This will identify future funding for seal extensions and accordingly determine the level of sealing that can achieved over the subsequent 3 years.

The analysis that supports the sealing priority list would be better demonstrated. Please contact me if you would like to take up this offer and this can then be arranged.

Yours sincerely

Andy Finch
Manager, Strategic Asset Management and Systems