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Help! – Wallet Lost In Puhoi On Anzac Day

We thought it might be in the library, but no joy (thanks ladies;-) The wallet is small green and made of leather. It has bank cards and drivers license inside, these are in my wife’s name which is Xia Guo. Her email address and phone number are also in the wallet.
Garry Braithwaite

Puhoi Farmers Market, Sunday, 24th April, 9 am to 1 pm

Ethnic Day – this market is our celebration of Puhoi’s diverse cultures. We will have Indian cooking demo at 11 am, English & Bohemian dancers, Irish, music, Kiribati singers and more. We encourage stallholders as well as visitors to dress up in their national costumes.

Fresh local fruit and veges, eggs, honey, Puhoi Coffee, Cheese, nut butter, fresh-squeezed juice, pickles, fresh bread, chutneys and sauces, scones, samosa, deli foods, herbs, plants, and much more.

Next market: Sunday, 29th May 2016
Support Local!
Any inquiries to Puhoi Farmers Market Team 0274 27 0440


Puhoi Community Forum Meeting Agenda: 36th April

Meeting to be held on Tuesday the 26th April at 7.30pm at the Puhoi Community Sports Club Chairperson – Dustyn O’Leary
Apologies: Terri Ryder, Larry Mitchell, Beth Houlbrooke, Wendy Hayton
Matters Arising from Meeting Minutes 29th March 2016.
Confirmation of Meeting Minutes 29th March 2016
1. Projects for Puhoi Survey Results – Formal presentation of survey results to the Forum. – Open discussion and decision to be made on how to develop these projects into tangible results for the community.
1.  Alcohol at Meetings – Discussion on making meetings more relaxed and friendly
2. Pub Trivia 2016 – Groups needed for this years round of fundraising quizzes at the Puhoi Pub.
3. AGM Planning – Judith to run through requirements for the upcoming Annual General Meeting.
4. Group Reports – Update on any events or initiatives by groups represented at the meeting.

Puhoi Library Updates

(thanks to manager Helen Darnell for this report)

ANZAC Display

World War artefacts, documents, books & DVDs will again be on display for several weeks around ANZAC day. Every year we obtain more and more interesting items for this display and, as usual, many of the books and DVDs within the display are available to borrow.


The library will be open on ANZAC day from the time the ANZAC parade finishes (aprox.10 a.m.) until 3 p.m. In addition to the display, on the day audio and video recordings will also be running.

We serve FREE coffee/tea and home-made ANZAC biscuits all day. 

 Puhoi Town Library Incorporated Society Annual Subscription

In keeping with Puhoi Library’s ethos, providing you live in Puhoi or surrounding district “USER MEMBERSHIP is absolutely FREE” and no charges are made regarding book or DVD borrowing (with the exception of minimal overdue fines on DVDs, which are onwardly donated to the Puhoi Fire Service). 

However, the library is run by an incorporated society “Puhoi Town Library Incorporated” and the society membership subscriptions of $10 are due on 1st April. A letter has gone out to PO Boxes and forms are also available from the library.

Community Law Manual 2015/2016

Has been donated for use of the Community – Reference only and donor requested that the book is not to leave library but be available for reference use of all members of the community.

Anzac Day In Puhoi

The second annual commemoration of Anzac Day in our community, organised by our historical society, starts at 9am at the War Memorial gates to the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park with traditional musical, oral and wreath-laying ceremonies and then moves in procession, led by our uniformed groups, to the hall, where there will be displays and records of Puhoi’s participation in two world wars, followed by a cup of tea for all the community. If it rains, all ceremonies will be held in the hall.

Please remember the 250 word speech writing competition for children Year 8 and younger being run by the historical society. The winner will read her or his speech at the Anzac Day ceremonies.

Help is needed by the historical society on Anzac commemoration day for a variety of jobs. Please contact Jenny Schollum or Sheryll Titford, museum archives room, 4220 852.

Puhoi Fire Report: March 2016


MVC – 2
Tree Down – 1
Power Lines Down – 1

The weather has remained quite nice for the majority of summer, and even now as we head into the cooler mornings, by afternoon everyone is back in singlets!
As of the 1st April at 0800 the Auckland Rural Mainland became Open Fire Season. However, please continue with some vigilance as the wind and current heat still dries out the grass, resulting in a quicker and hotter burn than thought. The basic rules of not burning plastics, rubber, green vegetation or at night still apply.
The storm on the night of the 25th was an intense one and resulted in a few calls. Remember, if you come across any felled lines do not go near them, in places it is hard to tell the difference between power and phone lines. Then once they are deemed safe by the power company they can be moved by the appropriate person.
In the next few weeks our four new recruits start their training. First up is their Medical Co-Responder course where they learn advanced first aid and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator.
Chris Farac
Qualified Firefighter
Puhoi Fire Brigade (our thanks to Chris for this monthly service, ed.)


An Open Letter To The Puhoi Community Forum

[Long time Puhoi resident and founding member of the Puhoi Community Forum,  John Simons has asked me to circulate this]

To Puhoi Community Forum.    2 April 2016
This is an open letter from John Simons ex Puhoi resident of some35 years and founding member of Puhoi Landcare group out of which evolved the formation of the original Puhoi Community Forum . During this period was involved in the formation of the Vision Puhoi document as submitted to the Rodney District Council out of which was formulated the Puhoi Structure Plan .Although this is not a statuary document it does now form part of the current Auckland Council Unitary Plan as applicable to Puhoi. It also encompasses  roading plans subsequently expanded surveyed for local input with plans drawn up by a qualified roading engineer. Over the years both in conjunction with the PCF and at a personal level made innumerable submissions to council in particular where relevant to Puhoi.       Have also represented the PCF on the public reference group working with the Northern Gateway Alliance building the motor way extension to the Johnston Hill Tunnels .  Have been a committee member and regular attending PCF meetings over its full existence.
On that bases I may just claim some credence to comment having attended the somewhat chaotic PCF meeting of the 29 March 2016.
Firstly it was profoundly encouraging to see so many locals attending this meeting including more recent arrivals. In particular the involvement of younger folk contributing to what they want their village to be in the future.
However it was also profoundly sad to see the tone of the meeting degenerate into an acrimonious ,contentious and hostile environment totally non conducive to co operative unified endeavours.
It also appeared to me to highlight an almost complete lack of background knowledge. ( corporate memory) as to what has gone on in the past.  Is the PCF committee aware of and in possession of background information on Vision Puhoi, the Structure Plan , The Traffic Plan, etc and also raises the question who holds all the archival material of the Forum ?
As to the subject matter which appeared to be so contentious , the apparently unauthorised survey , ” Projects for Puhoi ” ,which on the face of it appeared to be simply seeking an order of merit for subjects, none of which were new and have all been formally presented previously and have been under constant review for some years.    Yes it may not have followed protocol and have approval but then neither did the meeting strictly follow protocol nor the PCF constitution.
The most blatant of this was the calling of a vote to approve payment of monies related to work on the park river walkway , This is dealing with public money , either generated from Council Grants or licence fees for grazing for which the Forum Committee are liable ( legally liable) and only elected Committee members are qualified to vote and approve, not simply members of the general public, whether this was a so called public meeting or not !
It is also noted the suspect survey did not include any reference to the proposal of a Blacksmith Shop or Model Village and this may well have sparked the angst displayed at the meeting.  Again this proposition has been floating around for a very long time but to date am not aware of any validated or formal local survey carried out over that long period of time as to the desirability or viability of this proposal.
Lastly my recollection informs me that the PCF was set up as simply a discussion forum with the objective of cooperatively assisting in the co ordination and integration of various individuals, groups of individuals and local organisations to share information, clarify misinformation ( rampant in the village ) and assist in achieving the goals and aspirations of these folk . Also seek to represent where necessary as unified as may be possible a voice for Puhoi dealing with  Statuary Authorities.    The Forum as a body has no legal authority,controlling function nor jurisdiction in regard to local matters .That is apart from holding a grazing lease under the Councils Park Management Plan which is in itself an inherited historical anomaly ?
Dream dreams but be awake to reality and be sure much more is achievable by co operation than by confrontation .

Regards and good luck.  John Simons