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Puhoi Celtic Sessions


Thursday March 31st 
Puhoi Sports Club Rooms
7.00 pm – 10 pm

and afterwards – every fortnight.

Only two days to go till the first Puhoi Celtic Session.

[A word of explanation: a ‘session’ is a circle of players where everyone simply pitches in – it’s not a performance. We do it for the pleasure of making music.]

We have fiddlers, harpists, accordionists, guitarists, bassists, whistle players, singers, banjo players, bodhran players, and toe-tappers in the group; in all about 24 musicians. We also have a few people who simply like to listen.

To give the group a ‘common core’ of material I’ve created a dropbox that, currently, has 40, four-part arrangements in it of tunes (jigs, reels, waltzes) and songs from the Celtic repertoire. Each tune/song has a sound file and the sheet music – so you can ‘play by ear’ or read the tadpoles. You’ll need to print out this material and make a drop-in folder.

If you want to join us, as a musician,  send me an email address and I’ll give you access to the dropbox. The more the merrier. We could still use mandolins, more fiddles, and more banjoes. To all friends, please spread the word: copy and email this post if you like. It’s looking like we’ll have a folk orchestra!

We’re charging $2 per family to cover the hire of the rooms.


Alan Wagstaff

ANZAC Day Help Needed

Could anyone interested in helping to co-ordinate the ANZAC Day commemoration on 25th April 9.00 a.m. please contact me so that we can arrange a time to meet that suits? Please remember to pass on to your young neighbours that PHS has an ANZAC Day speech competition running for Year 8 and under students, no more than 250 words, prize $50 plus the opportunity to read their speech at the ANZAC Day ceremony. Entries close at or PO Box 404224 Puhoi on Sunday 17th April.

Puhoi Historical Society Report March 2016


We’ve run two very successful events this month – on the 6th March the commemoration of the 150 years since the arrival of the second ship, the ‘Liverpool’, to bring Bohemian settlers to NZ, a reunion of the Plescher, Schischka, Wech and Wenzlick families; and this Easter weekend hosting seven visitors from Germany and Austria whose ancestors spoke the same dialect, danced the same dances and sang the same songs as the Puhoi settlers. On Saturday we showed them most of Puhoi’s attractions, then on Sunday a Puhoi community choir of children and adults sang in this dialect at Mass and we danced the rest of the day away.

Anyone is always welcome to attend these events and we would very much appreciate help from the community in running events like these, with jobs such supervising parking, traffic management, setting up the hall, helping in the kitchen and cleaning up.

The next event will be ANZAC Day if the community would like the PHS to co-ordinate this commemoration again.

Sandra Beagley helped magnificently at the first event. I’d like to present her with a thankyou certificate.

The PHS received a reply from Auckland Council regarding the petition re Puhoi Cemetery Management presented last July. As we don’t feel their reply adequately protects the historic part of the cemetery we have written again. A copy has been sent to the Forum for their records.

The committee supports Larry Mitchell’s endeavour to establish an historic area in Puhoi in so far as we are open to any avenue to getting a museum building with correct climate conditions for storage, and presentation to the public, of artefacts and documents relating to Puhoi’s history.

To that end fundraising continues steadily. The raffle is on sale til 1st May.

Community Groups: Housekeeping

At the forum last night it was mentioned that its often difficult for new people in the village to find out the groups and activities running in the village. The community page has always been on this site  and provides a browseable and searchable index of pages for local groups – accessible through the ‘Community’ button on the menu at the top.

If you are a member of a community group, it would be great if you provide:

  1. Group name
  2. A description of what your group does
  3. When /where it meets
  4. Membership details – is it open to anyone, age groups, subscription etc
  5. Contact details – address/phone,email so I can put a (spam protected) contact form on your page.
  6. Related information such as meeting minutes/reports/agendas/news/events that you want to publicize I can post at any time (just email me) and have it appear in a ‘related’ area on your page (as well as on the site’s front page/posted to facebook/emailed out to the list). A good way of letting the village know what you’re doing!

Don’t worry about fancy formatting – I’m happy to take an email/pdf/word document/whatever and format a page for you. This is completely free of course!

It would be helpful, too, if people with existing entries could check that I have up-to-date info for them.





Help Ahuroa School Provide Free Afterschool Care

URGENT help needed! We are currently in the process of submitting a funding application to help us to be able to provide a FREE before and after school care service for our hard working families in Ahuroa and Puhoi. PLEASE show your support by taking this quick 2 minute survey. Only responses submitted by this MONDAY will count! Thanks a million!!

PCF Meeting Minutes: 23 February 2016


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 23 FEBRUARY 2016 commencing at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Dustyn O’Leary (Chair), Larry Mitchell (Co-Chair) Peter Straka (Deputy Chair), Pat Backley, Graham Backley, Beth Houlbrooke, Kathy Mankelow, Sorrell O’Leary, Terri Ryder, Jenny Schollum, John Simons, Martyn Smith, Alan Wagstaff, Judith Williams, Peter Cooley, Bev Cooley, Ginny Page, Clinton McLean, Mike Swain, Jenny Neel, Kristin Gillies, Sandra Beagley (Minutes)


Chris Mundell, Gillian Seymour and Terri Ryder notified that she will be in later.


Dustyn welcomed members to the meeting.


(Ginny Page stated that her apologies for this meeting were not recorded)

Motion 1

That the minutes of the meeting held on 26 January 2016 with the addition of apologies for Ginny Page, be accepted as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Dustyn O’Leary

Seconded: Peter Straka



  1. Carol & Derek Hayes made contact with the Forum regarding their concern over Motorbike riders using the Puhoi Peoples Park.

  1. Sorrell commented on dog poo in the park.

Peter Straka stated there is a notice with conditions on the entrance gate.

Beth Houlbrooke suggested that Jeff Lyford, Council Parks Department be contacted re bylaws pertaining to these issues. Judith Williams is to include ‘Use of Park’rules in next Puhoi Newsletter. ACTIONJudith Williams

  1. Peter Straka is to send a letter of thanks to Mark Dunn for all his battening work along the People’s Park Walkway. ACTION – Peter Straka

  1. Dustyn O’Leary has emailed Sebastian Reid re Traffic concerns at the Puhoi Road junction with SH1 but as yet has had no response. She will contact him again.

ACTION – Dustyn O’Leary

  1. TREASURER’S REPORT – Jenny Schollum

Jenny had already circulated the financial reports for January 2016.

Motion 2

That the sum of $30 be paid for meeting administration work done.

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Dustin O’Leary


Motion 3

That an invoice for 2 boxes of Staples costing $170 be paid.

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Sorrell O’Leary


The financial reports for January 2016 were approved and accepted.

The Treasurer reported that the $11,750.43 grant money is currently in the Cheque account and suggested it be moved to a Term Deposit.

Motion 4

That 2 amounts of $5,000 be transferred to 2 x Term Deposits.

Moved: Larry Mitchell

Seconded: Dustin O’Leary


Ginny Page expressed concern that this grant money has not yet been used.

Hans Everts is still an Account signatory. Jenny Schollum is to bring a bank form to the next Forum meeting so that a new signatory can be chosen.



1 Proposal regarding the Forum’ meeting structure

Dustin added a few more Puhoi Community groups to the list in the proposal.

A discussion followed regarding the setting up of a Pest & Weed Management Group (including Bill Marcroft) and a Motorway & Road Safety Liaison Group.

Motion 5

Sorrell recorded

Moved: Sorrell O’Leary

Seconded: Judith Williams


Sorrell has offered to liaise with Nick about putting a Sandwich Board outside the Store with Puhoi Forum information on it. Also to add at the end – “Are you receiving communication from the Puhoi Forum? If not email………….”ACTION – Sorrell O’Leary

Dustin proposed that 15 minutes of Forum time each month be set aside for Community group reports as was once the case.

  1. Business groups proposal for integration with the Forum

Kathy Mankelow suggested inviting Business groups to attend Forum meetings.

Following a lengthy discussion and clarification, Beth Houlbrooke suggested formalizing Business membership at the Forum’s June AGM.

Peter Cooley suggested using part of the first paragraph wording of the proposal written by Kathy and Dustyn as a motion.

Motion 6

That the Puhoi Forum encourage local businesses and individuals to become active Forum members envisaging a more effective representation both of and from the Puhoi Community.

Moved: Peter Cooley

Seconded: Dustin O’Leary


3 Te Muri development submission proposal

After a small change to the wording, it was agreed that this proposal be put forward in time for the 18th March deadline.

Judith Williams is to send an e copy to the Mahurangi Action Group.

ACTIONJudith Williams

4 Other Business

Ginny Page asked that as a paid up member of the Puhoi Forum, she be emailed an Agenda.

She also suggested that a formal list of Puhoi email addresses be gathered so that the wider Community has an opportunity to respond to issues.

5 Reports

Jenny Schollum – Puhoi Historical Society

  • 6th March – celebration for Liverpool descendants

  • 27th March visit from Egerlanders group

  • 25th April ANZAC ceremony. This year a Year 8 Children’s speech competition will be held and the winning speech read.

  • Puhoi cemetery ongoing issue with Coucnil – PHS seeking to retain the Heritage Part for Bohemian descendants only.

  • Trees still waiting to be moed to the Puhoi River Park.

  • Another raffle to be launched which will be drawn in May.

Judith Williams – Puhoi Farmers Market

  • This Sunday is the Market’s 8th birthday

  • A tomato competition will be held

  • 2 grants will be presented to Community Groups at 11am

Kathy Mankelow – Puhoi Hall Report.

  • Roof over the toilets has been replaced.

Finally, Beth Houlbrooke brought to the meeting’s attention two public consultations to be held in March.

1 – Transport for future growth (drop in) 3.30 – 7.30 Tuesday 1st March at the Masocinic Hall, Warkworth.

2 Annual Plan – (proposed spending of funds)– 6.30 – 8.30 – Tuesday 8th March at the Masonic Hall, Warkworth.

Larry Mitchell and Dustyn O’Leart to attend


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 March at 7.30pm in the Sports Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

PCF Meeting Agenda: 29 MARCH 2016 at 7.30pm




  1. Apologies

  1. Puhoi Valley Cheese ‘Kawau Blue’ Champion of Champions National Cheese Competition Award acknowledgement – Larry Mitchell

  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 23 February 2016

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report – for February 2016 – Jenny Schollum

  1. Unauthorised Dustyn/Terri Puhoi Community Opinion Survey

  1. Voting Rights – Puhoi Forum reporting, governance and process development,

including clarification of community consultation

  1. Grazing Lease and Riverside Walkway Update – Peter Straka

  1. Report From Puhoi Historical Society – Jenny Schollum

  • Letter re Puhoi Cemetery sent to Auckland Council

  1. Model Village in Puhoi background and possible strategy

  • The steering Committee of the proposed Puhoi Heritage Model Village and Museum plan requests the support of a funding application to Auckland Council for seed money to develop a public consultation document on the project.


  1. SH1 intersection NZTA meeting – report

  2. Farmers’ Market – update

  3. Long term plan for Puhoi River Park


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 April 2016 at 7.30pm.