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Choristers Sought for Puhoi Dialect Mass, Easter Sunday 2016

Our Puhoi musicians and singers are invited to be part of an exciting and unusual venture, the singing of our Easter Sunday Mass, at 8.30am on March 27, in the German dialect similar to that spoken by the Puhoi Bohemians.

The Egerlaender Volkssingmesse – Egerlaender Folk Mass – composed in 1950 by Anton Haubner and Fritz Roscher, has already been sung twice in Puhoi, once by visiting Egerlaenders from Germany and once as part of a Kowhai Singers concert.

It is envisaged this Easter’s choir, to be coached by Kowhai Singer and founder of the new Puhoi Children’s Choir, Carole Hay, will comprise the children, their parents and members of our Puhoi Church congregation, and other community members as well as Bohemian descendants from the Waikato and, hopefully, visiting Egerlaenders from Germany and Austria.

There will be a gathering of all those interested in learning more about this unique enterprise on Monday, February 1 at 5pm in the Puhoi Church and rehearsals will start in Puhoi soon after. Please bring a USB stick to the initial gathering to receive a simple computer programme.

I have also prepared for emailing the three-part music arranged by our Kowhai Singers director Peter Cammell, plus the dialect words and translation, accompanied by a pronunciation guide.

The music, comprising around six songs, is simple, but some more voices, especially male, would be welcome.

Contact coordinator Judith Williams, 4220181, to have the music sent to you or for more information.

Part-time Organic Horticulture Courses starting in February 2016

More info on flyer here

$300* Full course cost   36 weeks, once a week.

Course nearest to you- in Inner City Auckland, Devonport, Helensville (Parakai)

Call Agriculture New Zealand for more Information.  

freephone 0800 475 455


Julie-Anna Child ( Jules) your North and Central Auckland tutor lives in Puhoi, she’s a teacher of 28 years experience, an artist, a beekeeper, and a ‘food forester’. She heads “A New Leaf”, a company specialising in biological illustration, and heritage plants and seeds ideal for cropping ecosystems.

Knowledge gained helps us support the health of our gardens, livestock, crops and ourselves from the ground up, naturally. Within the course we look at integrated pest management and how to build living soils, and resilient cropping ecosystems for ourselves, and our plants, insects, birds, animals and domesticated livestock. The course is relevant no matter how big your land is, whether it be a deck, a backyard, a lifestyle block or a large farm.


Information session and enrollment for the courses Jules tutors:  9.30-11.30am

Parakai  Tuesday 2 Feb      

Grey Lynn  Wednesday 3 Feb

Devonport  Thursday 4 Feb


Choice of 3 Course Venues in North Auckland:

Yummy! Puhoi Farmers Market, next Sunday, 31st January, 9am to 1pm

New stalls: gelato,  raw delicacies by Hungry for Raw, Bramble Ceramics and Argentinian food from Sabores.

Fresh local fruit and veges, eggs, honey, Puhoi Coffee, Cheese, nut butter, fresh-squeezed juice, pickles, fresh bread, chutneys and sauces, scones, samosa, deli foods, vege seedlings, herbs, plants, and much more.

Next market: Sunday, 28th February 2016
Support Local!
Any inquiries to Puhoi Farmers Market Team 0274 27 0440

Te Muri Beach

[via Mahurangi West Newsletter]

Liz Light is horrified that the Auckland Council has ignored feedback relating to Te Muri Beach and plan a HUGE car park in the paddock behind the beach and alongside the woodshed. If you want to see the size of it try the link to this map.
The Council is asking for further feedback to the Te Muri Beach Regional Park Draft Variation. If you want to check it out yourself you can look at this link.
If you trust Liz’s research, and don’t have time to read all the guff, you can use any of her words from the email below and add your own.
Please send a submission to Council to:
Subject – Submission to Te Muri Beach Regional Park Draft Variation.
Te Muri Beach is worth fighting for and if we don’t get vocal it will be another Long Bay in 20 years.

Liz’s Email –

Submission to Council:
Hello there,

This is a more detailed submission other than the online survey.

There is one aspect to your proposed plans for Te Muri that is frightening.

This is the offending clause:

“investigate the future improvement to the central road and develop a further arrival area set back from the beach with parking, toilets and visitor information.”

What arrival area really means is a huge car park. What set back from the beach really means is taking up half the paddock behind the beach and the land adjoining the woolshed.

The map in the pdf below confirms the size and placement of the carpark plans.

Vehicle access to Te Muri Beach, or anywhere near it would be a travesty.

Points that I, and many others already made in the first round of submissions.

1. Having vehicle access to Te Muri will make it just like Long Bay, Wenderholm and Sullivan’s on a weekend or on a holiday. A busy, noisy, crowded city-type beach.
At present, the people who go to Te Muri are those who make the effort to walk there. They go there because they want the experience of a natural, untouched beach and Te Muir offers this. A walk-only bridge over the estuary would be fine, people still have to walk. All the lazy, less enthusiastic people, who need plastic beach toys, sun shades and picnics and beer won’t be bothered with the walk. They will still stay at places like Sullivan’s and Long Bay where they can easily access their stuff in their cars. Why doesn’t the Council only have a big car park where Hungry Creek Road joins Te Muri farm? It is a beautiful walk from here to the beach so why not encourage people to do it? Atiu Creek Regional Park doesn’t have vehicle access and that works well.

2. Te Muri Beach fledges endangered dotterels every year. Sometimes 4 or 6. This doesn’t ever happen at nearby Sullivan’s because the people pressure is too great. If you have the proposed car park and masses of people at Te Muri you can forget the dotterels. This will be another beach were people-pressure will stop these endangered birds from breeding.

3. It is insulting to ask the local community for feedback and then ignore it. I understand that in the first round of submissions relating to Te Muir there were 142 respondents and only 2 of them wanted vehicle access to Te Muri. The Auckland Council ignores this feedback and plans a huge car park just behind the beach.

4. This clause is curious “establish and maintain relationships with adjacent landowners, volunteers, recreation groups, schools and potential concessionaires to assist in the development, management and use of the park.” Do you think that adjacent land owners, the local community and recreation groups are going to help with the development and management of this park when you have pissed them off by completely ignoring their feedback, having asked for it in the first place? Ask Matt the ranger at Mahurangi Regional Park about how many Saturday mornings the local community gave up in the last 15 years to help with planting, and its locals who work the trap lines, locals who gather litter and locals who report dogs on Te Muri Beach.

Finally, the long-term value of Te Muri is that it has the ambience of a back-country beach despite the fact that the city is encroaching. Once you let cars close to this pristine beach that value will be gone forever.

Mahurangi Regatta Volunteers

[via Mahurangi West Newsletter]

The annual Mahurangi Old Time Regatta will be held at Sullivans Bay / Otarawao on January 30th. It will be organised yet again by Mahurangi Action. For further information and the full programme visit .
To make it run well, we need more volunteers to help organise the shoreside events. This mainly involves having a lot of fun marshalling children and their parents for a variety of races and ensuring that place-getters and participants get their certificates and a pat on the back. Volunteers this year will have flash Crew T-Shirts courtesy of our new principal sponsor Stu Charlton and Teak Construction. You just have to bring your own lunch, good humour, sunscreen and a smile.
If you are free on January the 30th between 1030 and 1230hrs or between 1400 and 1700hrs, or both, could you please email Cluny Macpherson at over the weekend. Please indicate whether you would prefer a morning slot or an afternoon one so that we can assign some roles. Don’t worry, it’s not that serious and there will be briefings for new volunteers but the more people we have available on the day, the less work there is for everyone.

PCF Forum Meeting Agenda: Tues 26th Jan – All Welcome!







Held on 24 November 2015

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THOSE MINUTES (not appearing on this Agenda)


  1. TREASURER’S REPORT – see financial reports for November and December



  1. Update on submission to NZTA Grant application (Larry Mitchell)

  2. Update on River Walkway Planting and development work

  3. Maintenance issues on the bush walkway section of the Memorial Park (Dustyn O’Leary)

  4. Traffic – Puhoi junction with SH! (Jenny Schollum


Please invite other residents and friends of Puhoi to attend – widen participation!

Has Anyone Seen Jock?

Still Missing …… Since Monday 11th Jan

Jock has not been found yet.

A reminder – he is a grey Schnauzer/ poodle cross. He has curly short fur, turned down ears, a schnauzer moustache and a short tail.

Please make contact if you have seen anything.

Cass and Willis /
422 4020

(Hopefully Not) Mad Axemen

Just a little reminder that it’s the famous Puhoi Pub Annual Woodchopping Carnival this Saturday, 9th January – 9am onwards. Come along and enjoy one of the best events in the Puhoi calendar!  us the Jigger Board compettion will be on again this year – watch brave axemen scale unfeasibly tall trunks with nothing but but a plank of wood between them and a nasty drop, then proceed to chop away at the very trunk they are attached to! Watch men in tennis shoes slice through logs between their feet faster than you (well I) can even get a chainsaw started. Hopefully the weather will be fine, but Gillian assures us that, despite looking a bit slippery,  they enjoy it more when its raining because it helps to cool them down!

Come along and enjoy a spectacular event, dating from the days when OSH was just a bad dream…


Library Raffle Winner

[from Helen Darnell, Puhoi Library]
We drew the Library Christmas Raffle on 23rd Dec and the winning number is 106 (sorry this isn’t your number). The winner was Kim Vickers who people will know from Nic’s [shop]. She was delighted and I am always happy when someone local wins.