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Library Competition Winners

Christmas Raffle Winner :- Margaret Bradbury

Under 16 Challenge:-

Winner – Jake Dahl

Consolation Prizewinners:-

Young Adult – Isla Lodewycks

Junior – Lennox Wright

Young Readers – Oliver McManus

Rodney Neighbourhood Support Newsletter Jan 2015


What a lovely summer for those on holiday. I hope those who have stayed home have been able to find a cool place in your homes to relax at the start of 2015. The magazines are being distributed across Rodney if you have not received one or are in a group who has not received a copy let me know. Helensville District will be delivered late January.

Our volunteers have been having a summer break. Our Committee wish Dan and Sue all the best as they shift house. This has left vacancies for two new volunteers for the committee. If you are available for approximately nine meetings a year, the work involved is not onerous (our main event is our AGM in August), we would love to hear from you. Ph. 09 4254662 Margaret or Jane 09 4266537.

Great to hear of the Summer BBQ’s and Street or Beach Parties that have been held across the area as well as the proposed celebrations planned for Neighbours Day weekend 28th and 29th March 2015. Register your Group with the above website.

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: We thank our sponsors The Lion Foundation, Auckland City Council Community Funding, and Discretionary Funding, Rodney Local Board, Hibiscus Bays Local Board,, Jim’s Mowing, GJ Gardner Homes, Orewa New World, and Kaipara Cat Charters, Internal Affairs, The Lottery Board, Internal Affairs. Margaret Faed Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator 021 2583737 Intel: info for members only.

Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade Update


Call statistics for December-

Scrub Fire – 6
Medical – 1
False Alarms – 1

Happy New Year from us at the Puhoi Fire Brigade! December was a busy month for us with Scrub Fires. Our smoke chaser assisted in a large fire in Mangawhai at the beginning of the month and then on Boxing day a crew were deployed to Cornwallis to manage overnight operations for a large Scrub fire which had threatened homes in Cornwallis, near Laingholm.

Remember currently there is a restricted fire season, to burn you must have a permit and follow its instructions.

From us at the Puhoi Brigade, have a great holiday period and keep safe. Remember if you think we need to know about a current incident ring 111. Please do not ring the brigade members. This way if the fire, ambulance or police call taker needs specific details, you can give them what they need for an appropriate and immediate response.

Chris Farac
Qualified Firefighter
Puhoi Fire Brigade

Puhoi Forum meeting at 7.30pm, Tuesday 27th January

Hi all,

Welcome to the New Year! Hopefully you are able to continue enjoying the summer weather, even as some are back at work.

We look forward to an interesting and exciting year for the Forum, as we seek to highlight and foster projects that benefit the whole of the Puhoi community.

We are delighted that Wendy Hayton has offered to pick up the role of secretary. Thank you, Wendy, we look forward to enjoying your contribution to the Forum!

Please let me have any items that you wish to have put onto the agenda of the coming meeting by Tuesday the 20th.




H all,


Please note the background notes below, in preparation for Tuesday’s Forum meeting at 7.30 in the Sports Club:


Peter Straka and I looked through the constitution and decided that, as it stands, it allows for the Forum to foster community endeavours and activities, to instigate and support worthy activities for Puhoi, to support other Puhoi organisations in their endeavours, to conduct monthly meetings, to encourage wide membership from the Puhoi area, to discuss and vote on issues, to establish working parties on particular projects, and to make representation on matters of relevance to the Puhoi community as a whole (though it cannot claim to represent all of Puhoi, and has been careful to not do so in the past). At the same time, the Forum Committee remains responsible for the ‘entire management’ of the Forum, which we interpret as ensuring that its structural and procedural integrity is maintained in line with the constitution, and that its financial resources are used appropriately. The Committee may make decisions on pertinent matters during a Forum meeting, or meet separately as required.


Taken together, this will allow us to change our way of working without changing the Forum’s structure. It allows us to widen our membership, to be more flexible in our processes, and to pursue activities that are of benefit to the community as a whole – as decided by us at the end of last year, and put into practice this year.



Please note that the Sports Club has its own formal relationship with Auckland Council, and that any Forum activity in relation to the Park must not impinge on the Sports Club’s sphere of responsibility.


The riverside walkway working group (of Paul Manton, Peter Straka, Shelley Hackett, Rodney Straka and myself) is about to start with the actual construction of a culvert and stock-proof fence between the second gate and the cluster of macrocarpas 300 metres away, pending final Parks approval. Authorisation of expenditure from the dedicated river park fund is sought (in line with the role of the Committee, as above). Practical help from community members will be sought as required. Suitable river bank planting will be undertaken in autumn/early winter. The walkway will be mown as part of the Parks maintenance programme, and may also be used as a bridle path during suitably dry weather (like other tracks in the Park). The possible construction of a separate sealed walking path will be considered as and when required.


As people will have noticed, Kevin Jones has developed the grazing lease apace and to a high standard. The Forum’s relationship with him is working very well.


The Parks maintenance team will, as asked by us, restart mowing the upper section of the loop track, and also repair a dislodged step on the bush track. Our relationship with Parks staff is cordial and effective.


The control of weeds along the loop track, the Puhoi track, and elsewhere is of concern. The Parks staff and Biosecurity team have done what they are contracted to do. But weeds of different kinds are flourishing. Rodney Straka has undertaken some urgent weed clearance along a stretch of the Puhoi track, with thanks! At present Landcare is planning a programme of weed control, to be discussed at a Forum meeting. The Forum strongly encourages all Puhovians to participate.



It is with gratitude and sadness that we note Ashlea Farac’s resignation from the role of Forum secretary. We thank you, Ashlea, for your thorough approach to capturing what happened in our meetings during the later part of 2014. We are sad to lose you from that role, but acknowledge your stated willingness to continue supporting the Forum’s activities.


At the same time we thank Wendy Hayton, a current Forum member, for offering to take on the secretary role. Interviewed by Hans, she has been appointed to the position with the approval of Paul Manton and Peter Straka. Wendy brings to the role a wealth of experience as administrator in large companies and organisations. Welcome and many thanks, Wendy!



Kath Anderson’s family are moving to the South Island, and she has given notice of her impending departure. Thank you, Kath, for your contributions to the Forum as treasurer since June 2014, as member of the traffic safety working group, and as an active contributor to the Forum’s processes! Now we need a new treasurer. It is a limited-scale role, and we would greatly appreciate for somebody to undertake it – at least until the middle of the year. Please put yourself forward if you think you can do the job, or ask somebody you know with an appropriate background, to do so. Contact Paul Manton or myself.



With reference to the minutes of the meeting of 25.11.14, the final paragraph contains some incorrect content. I suggest that it be rephrased as follows:

“It was put forward that appropriate projects within the PPMP be initiated by the Forum, that a working group be formed to undertake the lead in developing a project on its behalf, that it reports on progress at Forum meetings, and that the Forum retains overall responsibility for any such project.”



Inward: Kirichuk letter of 4.1.15, as forwarded by Judith on 20.1.15.

Outward: letter from Paul and Hans to the Local Board regarding the footpath, on 8.12.14.



Phew! That is all I can think of. Some of the above is for noting at the meeting, some is for discussion under general business. Anything else in the way of background material for the meeting, please circulate ASAP.



Childcare in Puhoi

My name is Marta and I offer my home to care for your precious little one. I am a mom myself to a 5 year old little girl and passionate about children and their development. I am based in a beautiful rural Puhoi and can offer lots of outside activities; walks, playground, beach and playgroup visits, reading and messy playing.

I am happy to provide healthy home cooked meals upon request.

20 FREE ECE hours and WINZ subsidy is available.

Please don’t hesitate to call/txt or email with any question you may have or to organize a visit without any obligation!
Looking forward to hear from you!
My contact information: 0221 64 24 84/ 09 9878033,

Puhoi Farmers Market, Sunday, 25th January, 9am to 1pm

Fresh local fruit and veges, eggs, honey, Puhoi Coffee, Cheese, nut butter, fresh-squeezed juice, pickles, pretzels, fresh bread, chutneys and sauces, scones, samosa, deli foods, vege seedlings, herbs, plants, and much more.

Music by ‘Otherwise Fine’

Next market: Sunday, February 22nd
Support Local!
Any inquiries to Phillippa: 09 4220009