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Announcing “Puhoi Souvenirs” : A Fundraiser for the proposed Puhoi Historic Model Village project.

Alex Kirichuk and Larry Mitchell have been busy putting together “Puhoi Souvenirs”, a local small business whose plan it is to market all manner of locally produced products to benefit the funds raised for the model village and blacksmith’s shop projects (more of these plans in the New Year!).

Each sale made, bearing the Puhoi Souvenir Bohemian coat of arms sticker/labels will result in a portion of the proceeds being donated to this worthy cause.

Local artisan’s, traders and others who just want to help are invited to discuss with Alex and Larry their joint marketing plans.

This way, the local and tourist trade is serviced with genuine Puhoi product … local suppliers are given an outlet for their marketing and the Park Project benefits.

Look for the Puhoi Souvenir presence in the red Gazebo tent by the Rotunda this Sunday (market day) and at the Wood chopping on 11 January.

All enquiries to Larry 09 4220598

Neighbourhood Support Booklets

Constable Steve Hunt has dropped off  Neighbourhood Support issue 1 booklets to the Puhoi Store for any and all of the locals to collect. It a great 84 page informative booklet with loads of great stories etc. That they are at the store to collect free of charge.



Library Christmas Closing Times

The Library Group would like to wish all their members a “Very Merry Christmas”

The library will close on Sunday 21nd Dec. until Thursday 1st Jan.

(We will, however, try to open for the odd day during this period when staff available)

Open every day in January.

Historical Society Raffle Winners Drawn

Around Puhoi 2014 045

Sheryll Titford, one of the committee members whose raffle ticket sales efforts recently added $6000 to the Puhoi Historical Society’s museum building fund bank account. With ticket number 1697, the Titford family were the grand first prize winners of the Christmas raffle, drawn at the society’s December 10 party.

The nine other prize winners, in order from second to tenth,  were the holders of ticket numbers 1033, 1710, 1751, 1988, 1674,1471,1503, 1769 and 1849.

Prizewinners ranged from Puhoi to North Shore and Waiheke Island, with a good number from the local area, said society president Sue Tisdall. “And the number of sponsors -43 – was amazing.”

Stacks of Flax Needed

[from  Maree Drury ( ]

Requesting any NZ flax plants that people may want to get rid of. We are looking for a large supply of flax to plant on some banks,
Thank you
Maree ph 4220195

All Is Not Lost!

You may have thought you’d missed the last Puhoi Market of the year, but your luck is in! The last market of the year actually falls on 28th December. You’ll be able to stock up on all your favourites from the market to get you through the rest of Christmas, avoid the ridiculous frenzy of the sales and enjoy a coffee and something tasty with the people that really matter – your friends an neighbours in Puhoi village!