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Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade: Forum Report 26/11/2013

Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade

Report for Forum meeting 26/11/2013

Our turnouts are increasing inline with the fine weather.

76 calls for the year so far.

Of note is the increase in complaints from neighbours in regards to smoke nuisance from rubbish fires. It would be good if all parties showed more consideration and tolerance around this issue as we do live in the country. Large rubbish fires should be notified to stop false callouts- please ring me to advise if you are having a burn off- 021 655461.

The Restricted Fire Season will come into play as per normal on the 1 December. Only permitted fires will be allowed after that date. If the weather continues to be dry and hot then it wont be long and the area will be in a total fire ban. I will make sure this is notified via the various channels in Puhoi if that is the case.

Our new ute is still ‘ a couple of weeks away’- same as it was 6 weeks ago!

Watch this space!

Our station plans are progressing slowly and once we have an agreed concept design I will be able to share this with the community. We are finding that there is very little input into the design as planning restrictions, resource consent requirements and other such things as the Puhoi Structure Plan are coming into play to denote the construct and design so to speak- now this is a good thing but it does take away the communitys ability to have input into this side of it. I was hoping to have this by this meeting but it isn’t ready yet- ‘another couple of weeks’ apparently- sounds familiar!

The project looks like to be circa $700,000- so we have a few more bbqs to go yet!

We have 4 locals interested in joining the Brigade. This is fantastic and we look forward to them becoming part of the crew. If anyone else- male or female- 16 years and older would like to join please contact myself or Rob Beardmore 021891996 to have a chat.

New recruits are always welcome as they bring new skills and energy to the Brigade.

We had a theory training session with Westpac Helicopter crew last week and was great to be able to clarify a few things with them. Their night vision goggles allows them to see the flame from a cigarette lighter from over 2 kilometres away! They were so cool to put on and look through- an excellent xmas present for the bloke with all the toys already I reckon- trouble is $10,000 US probably means they wont be in my stocking!

So please keep yourself safe.

Don’t hesitate to call 111 if you need us- best to call us first and then try to put your fire out than the other way around!!

Thanks to the community for its support.

Chief Fire Officer Russell Green 021 655461

Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade

Fire Your Passion?

For those of you busy doing your burning up before the annual Restricted Fire Season on lighting open fires in rural areas of Auckland City kicks in, here is a message from our fire chiefs. Normally the restriction runs from December 1 to March 31, but indications are that it might start a bit earlier in our area and also continue later as soil moisture levels have never really recovered properly from last summer’s drought. Permits can normally be applied to burn up outside in the restricted season by contacting Auckland Council on 09 4265169.People are becoming less tolerant these days of their neighbours’ smoke, even in country areas, where it is a legal activity for most of the year, says our fire chief, Russell Green, ‘so please exercise commonsense when you are lighting a fire and choose a time and a day when the smoke will go straight up, that is, with no wind. Early morning is best’. Russell will be providing us with updates as to the current status of 2013-2014 summer season restrictions.

Whopping Art Show

Need a christmas present for someone special, that elegantly reflects your own cultural sophistication? Come along to our best Art Show yet, showcasing some amazing local talents, in Puhoi – Le Rive Gauche of North Auckland


Kip McGrath Warkworth – English and maths tuition aligned
to the NZ curriculum. Programmes designed to suit individual
learning styles. Phone Ann Cook on 09 422 2305 for a free

Great Excercise

Thanks to all who helped clean up Puhoi’s roadside on Sunday,
and the provider of an easy chair, pulled from the river by Cody
Mankelows, allowing puffed workers to sit a while and contem-
plate the heap of ‘treasures’ collected. As anticipated
the collection was smaller this year, as our roadsides have al-
ready been pretty well cleared of bigger items. My bag, from
village to cemetery, both sides of the road, mainly contained
bottles and drink cans thrown out of cars, some takeaway food
bags and other odds and ends. Special thanks to organisers
including Bill Marcroft, John Simons and Hans Everts, Auckland
Council’s rubbish man and now one of our newer neighbours,
Marcus Braithwaite, and all those local residents who covered practically all of our 13 roads from State Highway 1 to the
hills heading to Ahuroa. It may seem like a relatively insignifi-
cant and dusty exercise, but it achieved its purpose, and to
my mind, anyway, was another sign of the way Puhoi is
pulling nicely together.

Stone Walls Speak Volumes

Our congratulations to Helen Darnell and the library volunteers
for the terrific start to their celebrations of 100 years of the build-
ing’s life last weekend and the two days of exhibits, during
which many of the identities and characters associated with the
building when it was still a Roads Board office, and later, when it
became a library. Many of us were thrilled to recognise old
friends among the more modern photographs.

Your Cake or Your Money for Sweet Louise

Fundraising Walk for Sweet Louise and a Special Request For All Cake-Makers

Adrian and I have been residents of Puhoi for almost exactly 12 years and we are so at home and
happy here. A year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and I have been supported by a small but specific charity called Sweet Louise named after Louise Perkins who bravely fought this disease. It can also affect men, which I hadn’t realised until being in this position. My wonderful husband, Adrian, has set himself a challenge of walking 100km in daylight hours to try and raise $10,000 for the charity. He has been training every week for over 10 weeks now round the Orewa estuary walk, with me by his side (on a bike – I just can’t keep up with those long legs of his).
The actual walk is on Saturday 14 th December around Victoria Park (approximately 105 laps). If
anyone would like to donate on line, the website is :-
Alternatively, we are going to have a cake stall at the cricket grounds on the day, to sell both slices or whole cakes, along with a cuppa. If there is anyone locally who would like to donate a cake or slices and can get them to me in Puhoi on Friday 13 th December, I, on behalf of Sweet Louise, would be extremely grateful.
Please come along to the day if you’re in that part of Auckland, everyone will be welcome. We will
have raffles on the day and a sausage sizzle and the more to cheer Adrian on, the better.
Thank you for your support.