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Puhoi – PCF Agenda for 31.3.15 meeting (pdf)






24 FEBRUARY 2015

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THOSE MINUTES (not appearing on this Agenda)



10.3.15 Puhoi Historical Society re 3 Heritage Trees available but need to be dug


23.2.15 Jane Tolman re Meeting of Puhoi Business Association

23.2.15 Beth Houlbrooke re The Puhoi footbridge and footpath project

23.3.15 Paul Manton re Dog Signs, Walkway progress, Co-Chair & Committee



Hans 3.3.15 Feedback on behalf of Forum to Auckland Council on Auckland’s draft 10

year budget

Hans 10.3.15 Puhoi Historical Society re 3 Heritage Trees for donation to Forum for


Hans 3.3.15 Email to Paul Manton and Peter Straka re Dogs in the Park

Hans 23.3.15 Letter of thanks for Kath Anderson for contribution to Forum

Hans 23.3.15 Letter of thanks for Ashlea Farac for contribution as Forum Secretary



  1. Russell Green, report on status of Fire Station, will be forwarded when available.


  1. Traffic safety

  2. Public space development

  3. Park Maintenance

  4. RiversideWalkway

Please Note:

  • All welcome to Puhoi Church’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ Good Friday 10.00 a.m. Meet on the lawn behind the Old Convent School

  • Puhoi Historical Society is co-ordinating an Anzac Day Ceremony at Puhoi this 25th April

NEXT MEETING – Date and Chairperson

Please invite other residents and friends of Puhoi to attend – widen participation!


Community Learning Directory now available.

A Community Learning Directory for the Hibiscus Coast and surrounding communities has been produced to make it easier for people to find out what learning opportunities are on offer in our area.
There are over 140 tutors offering around 180 courses. The section headings are: Art and Craft, Business and Finance, Computing, Food and Cooking, Fitness and Recreation, Music and Dance, Language and Travel, Personal Development as well as a large section for Children and Teens.
This free directory booklet was recently delivered to all households on the Hibiscus Coast and to post boxes in the Puhoi store.
Copies are also available at the Puhoi Library as well as Orewa and Whangaparaoa libraries and the Citizens Advice Bureau in Orewa.
You can also view the booklet by going to the website and clicking on the book cover.
If you are a tutor or know of someone who tutors who would like to be included in the Directory, complete the simple form under ‘tutors’ on the website. This is a free service for tutors.
We hope you find this Directory useful.

This Could Be Your Chance…

[from Sharon Hallett]

Contact or 021989149 if you can come.

We are having a summer soccer tournament at the club tomorrow and are desperately looking for a couple more players (male and female) to fill the social teams. Games start at 12 and last for 15mins, finals start at 4.30pm and we are serving a spit roast dinner at 6pm. Just wondering if you would like to play and if you know anyone else, especially females who might like to play too. One team is losing 2 players just before the finals so even if you wanted to just play in the final that would be cool. The cost for the day is $25 or if you just play in the final it will be $15 to cover dinner Sorry for the very late notice !


We Know Every Day Is Neighbour’s Day in Puhoi But…

Margaret Faed for Rodney Neighbourhood Support has asked me to pass on info about the Neighbour’s Day initiative ( If anyone is interested in bringing together people in their area who might otherwise not have a chance to meet up this is a great idea. Get ion touch below…

Margaret Faed
Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator
021 2583737


Help Preserve Puhoi History

[via Sue Tisdall]

Sue Tisdall would like to say goodbye to Puhoi as she’s now left the village. All her good work on the new museum and other Puhoi Historical Society will not be lost however – but they do need some more volunteers to take up some of the slack. If anyone would like to get involved in preserving the the village’s fascinating history, and advancing exciting projects such as the new musuem, please get in touch with them. Full contact details and more info on their website .

Copy of Forum Submission For Auckland Draft Plan Budget Comments

Is your feedback on behalf of an organisation (if yes, this confirms you have authority to submit on the organisation’s behalf)? Yes

Name of organisation Puhoi Community Forum
First name: (Dr.) Hans
Last name: Everts
Postal address:
Local board area: Rodney Local Board
Are you?
What age group do you belong to?
Which of the following best describes your ethnicity?

Date of feedback: 3 March 2015

Your feedback

Question 1a: Do you agree with the proposed overall average general rates increase of 3.5 per cent each year, which will enable the proposed investment and spending outlined in this document?

Question 1b: If you do not agree, in which activity areas do you think we should spend more or spend less, and what level of general rates increase would you support?
No comment by the Forum

Question 2a: Do you support the basic transport network or do you think we should invest more to get the Auckland Plan transport network that would address our transport problems?

Please comment:
No comment by the Forum

Question 2b: If we decide to invest in the Auckland Plan transport network, how do you think Aucklanders should pay for it?

Please comment:
No comment by the Forum

Question 2c: Are there any projects or priorities e.g. cycleways or more bus lanes, we should focus on delivering as part of the basic transport programme or the Auckland Plan transport programme?
We request that:
(a) the budget for seal extension be increased from $1 million to $10 million a year, for the reasons given in the Rodney Local Board’s LTP submission/feedback form – seal extension budget,
(b) public transport around Rodney be improved,
(c) rural road safety be specifically addressed.

Question 3: Do you support the council taking a more active role in the development of Auckland through replacing two existing Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs) with a new development agency?

Please comment:
No comment by the Forum

Question 4: What do you think the fixed portion of rates (UAGC) that everyone pays should be?
Please comment:
No comment by the Forum

Question 5: Do you support gradually reducing business property rates from 32.8 per cent of all rates to 25.8 per cent over the next 10 years?

Please comment:
No comment by the Forum

Question 6a: Which local board does your feedback relate to?
Rodney Local Board

Question 6b: Do you support the proposals for your local board area?

Please comment:
As a distinct Historic Village, Puhoi strongly endorses the proposals put forward by the Rodney Local Board, as summarised in their Information Statement accompanying the Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget, with particular reference to their plans for constructing pedestrian networks, upgrading main streets, supporting community environmental restoration and sustainability projects, the construction of recreational walkways/fitness/bike trails, and upgrading sports facilities (eg. tennis courts).

Rodney Local Board

The following proposals have been prioritised for funding in 2015/2016 in the Rodney local board area:

Plan for and construct recreational walkways and bike trails ($350k)

Construct footpaths to complete the pedestrian network within our towns and villages ($2m over three years, subject to agreement by the governing body)

Continue to develop the Warkworth Showgrounds ($3.4m)

Undertake a feasibility study for the expansion of the Kumeu Arts Centre ($20k)

Support communities to undertake environmental restoration and sustainability projects ($60k)

Partner with the community to build a playground in Warkworth or Kumeu ($100k)

Undertake planning and concept design for a swimming pool in Warkworth ($70k)

Upgrade town centre toilets in Kumeu and Warkworth ($90k)

Upgrade sportsfields in Huapai and Warkworth ($1m)

Upgrade the Warkworth Town Hall ($450k plus agreed additional renewals funds)

Partner with the community to build a skate park in Wellsford or Snells Beach ($75k)

see above 6(b)

The following proposals have been prioritised for funding in 2016 – 2025 in the Rodney local board area:

Contribute to the expansion of the Kumeu Arts Centre facility in 2016/2017

Upgrade main streets through the implementation of existing town centre plans ($1m over three years)

Partner with the community to design and construct a multisport facility at Warkworth Showgrounds

Plan for and construct recreational walkways, fitness trails and bike trails ($700k)

Improve sports fields through sand field construction and floodlighting

Complete a comprehensive (structure) plan for the Kumeu/Huapai area and Warkworth

Complete Warkworth Showgrounds development ($640k)


The Rodney Local Board has identified the following as key advocacy areas:

$10m per year over 10 years for sealing roads (currently funded for $1m per year)

Completion of Warkworth roading projects, including Mansel Drive Bridge

Improved public transport around Rodney

Construct new seawalls

Additional renewals funding to make community hardcourts useable

The construction of a swimming pool in Warkworth


Do you have any other comments?

Question 7. Please provide any additional feedback below.

Ahuroa School Feast Fair and Fireworks: We Could Use Some Help…

You are invited to the Ahuroa School Feast Fair and Fireworks:

Saturday 21st March, 4-8.30pm at Ahuroa School.

Last year we raised a record $11,000 and this year we are aiming for $15,000.

So mark it in your diary and invite your friends and family – it is the biggest fundraiser for our school in the year, and the one time in the year we call on the community for support. Plus it’s a really fantastic event.

Last year  all the kids had lots of fun (and the adults too), the jumping castle and games were in hot demand, the food was great and the fireworks were truly spectacular! And we have lots of goodies lined up for you this year too.

So how can you help right now?…..

We urgently need donations of products or services to the Fair.

These are items that we use in the silent auction and raffles at the event and they are the main way that we raise the money for the school.

If you have a product or service that you would be willing to donate, please contact

Nicky Berger on email:, phone: (09) 422 5060 or mobile 027 453 0600.

You may have already received a letter asking for your support, if so, please respond to Nicky with your kind donation as soon as you can!

If you have any suggestions of businesses that you deal with, that we could ask to sponsor us, then please forward them on to us. Please let us know, rather than approaching companies yourself, as they may already be on our list and many sponsors will be put off by being asked twice.

For more information or if you’d like to lend a hand contact Ahuroa School Parent Teachers and Friends Association Chairperson, Ness Atkinson on or 021 565 165.