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Will you give your support for our request for a Community Constable?

[via Margaret Faed, Rodney NS], 

A prominent member of our wider community, Vivian Pollock,  has started a
drive to have a Community Constable appointed to our Warkworth area which
will encompass from

Puhoi  to Leigh, including Algies Bay, Leigh, Matakana, Mathesons Bay,
Martins Bay, Omaha, Sandspit, Scots Landing, Snells Beach,  and Warkworth.


She has already had overwhelming support from the Algies Bay area, and also
various clubs and groups in the Warkworth area, such as the Anglican Women's
League, and the JP Association, the Bridge Club 

and the Warkworth Ratepayers Assoc. 


MP Mark Mitchell has also voiced his support.


Wellsford, Whangaparoa, Kumeu/Huapai,  Helensville and Orewa already have
Community Constables.                      Warkworth needs one also.


Please reply as soon as possible with any comments to the writer of this
email, as below..


Lesley Leversha

Snells Beach Neighbourhood Support Coordinator,

09 425 6683 / 021 0335 135  (between 9am & 9pm)


Puhoi Community Forum Agenda: Tues 25th October 2016



1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 27th September 2016

2. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

3. Treasurer’s Report – for September 2016 – Jenny Schollum

4. Unitary Plan Update – Mike Swain/Dustyn O’Leary
Proposed development – 97 Saleyards Road, Puhoi
Proposed development – Moir Hill

5.  Traffic Safety Initiatives – Update from the working group on possible parking issue
solution and walkway planning progress. (see below draft documents)
Sleeper Parking Stop Plan Sept16 (2)

Sleeper Parking Stop Detail_Gillians Pathway Oct16 (1)

Puhoi Trail Map 2016

Bus Turnaround Plan Oct16 (1)

6. General Business
Discussion on how the Forum should deal with subdivision issues, i.e. should we have a working group to address these matters as they arise?

Farmers’ Market update.
Working Groups – update if any.
Planting Te Araroa Trail – update

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 November 2016 at 7.30pm.


Tennis returns to Puhoi!

Puhoi Tennis Courts
I am sure you have noticed the refurbished Tennis Courts at the Puhoi Domain. The Council have
funded these Courts with a new surface, a new perimeter fence, and the courts marked for two
tennis courts, and a single netball and futsal court respectively. The Council also provided the tennis
nets and the netball posts and hoops.
The Courts are open to the public so please make good use of them.
The Courts can be accessed via the single gate at the playground end; and via the single gate
alongside the bush. Both of these gates are open at all times. The disabled access gates are
currently locked. This is a mechanism to prevent vehicles entering the Court until a better solution
can be developed. Contact Ian at the Club for disable access (contact details below).
The tennis nets are mobile and can be moved to the side for alternative use of the Courts. The nets
have stabilisers at the base; please loosen these to move nets and reset at new location. The
stabilisers help prevent the nets being blown around during high winds. Net tensioners are held at
the Puhoi Sports Club – contact Ian (see below).
Netball posts will be held at the Puhoi Sports Club; senior and junior hoops are available.
The Sports Club are likely to block book the Courts for specific sports events both on a regular basis
and for one-off events. To this end notice will be published via the Sports Club newsletter and the
Puhoi website.
The Sports Club is currently organising a weekly ‘Community Play’ tennis evening so look out for
further notices and come along and join in the fun!
Ian Boothroyd
President, Puhoi Sports Club
Contact: 027 8364290

A Rare Opportunity – Gibbs Farm Fundraiser

Puhoi Sports Club Fundraiser

sportsclubWhere: Gibbs Farm

When: 20th October 2016

Time: 10am until 2pm

The Puhoi Sports Club is a very active and vibrant club dedicated to serving our local community and providing opportunities for both junior and senior sports teams.

The Puhoi Sports Club is a nonprofit making organization and are currently fundraising to upgrade the facilities.

Below image sculpture by Anish Kappoor


Show your support and book now with iTICKET using the link below

Puhoi Community Forum Minutes: 27th September 2016


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 27 SEPTEMEBT 2016 commencing at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Paul Manton (Chair) Judith Williams, Jenny Schollum (Treasurer), Sandra Beagley, Tom Wilson, Peter Straka, Peter Cooley, Cody Mankelow, Kathy Mankelow. Andrew Cranna-Powell, Christine Mundell, Johan Rijnbende, Bevan Woodward (Matakana Coast Trails Trust), Bob Halton, David Dodsworth, Brendan McManus, Mike Swain, Jenny Neel, Wendy Hayton (Secretary, Minutes)

APOLOGIES: Terri Ryder, Beth Houlbrooke (Rodney Local Board), Dustyn O’Leary, Kristin Gillies, Ian Boothroyd.


The minutes of the meeting held on 30 August 2016 had been previously circulated. These were accepted as being a true and accurate record.

Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 30 August 2016 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Jenny Schollum

Seconded: Paul Manton



Jenny reported she had completed and submitted the Charities Commission Annual Return.

The following items were approved for payment

Secretarial $30

Charities Commission Annual Return Fee $51.11

Part payment of Appeal Lodgment fee $200

Moved: Jenny Schollum

Seconded: Judith Williams



97 Saleyards Road – Proposed Development

After gaining approval by email circulation to Puhoi Forum members, $200 from Forum funds had been donated towards the cost of the Submission to Council regarding development at 97 Saleyards Road, Puhoi. The total cost is $500. An Appeal with Environment Court against the re-zoning of the tract of land, next to the town centre (mostly property at 97 Saleyards Road has been filed, and an email received to say it has been accepted. Please contact Mike Swain for further information and any possible contributions David Dodsworth (former Puhoi Forum Chair) offered his assistance.

Moirs Hill Proposed Development by Asia Pacific International

A meeting had been held just prior to the Forum meeting. Beca, who are one of the lead contractors in this proposed development had held a Q & A session and distributed information

leaflets concerning the proposed Resource Consent. Orewa Library has more detailed maps of the area.

Judith Williams thanked Andrew Cranna-Powell for getting the meeting together. It had been very informative. Please contact Andrew Cranna-Powell for more information on the submission

The deadline for submissions is in 2 weeks.


Bevan has been liaising with Dustyn concerning his work with the Council for a Puhoi to Warkworth pathway. This should link in with the new development proposed for Moirs Hill and will link up with the Mahurangi Trail. Any queries – please get in touch with Bevan at


  1. Planting of Te Araroa Walkway – Remiger Road End

Pigs have taken out all the former planting and made a mess of the area. Plants are supplied. NOTE: A working bee will be held on Sunday 16 October at 11am.

  1. Fruit Trees behind the Museum are still to be planted in the Pioneer Memorial Park near the river bank.

NOTE A working bee will be held on Sunday 30 October at 11am consisting of Peter Straka and Paul Manton and any other volunteers available to move these (now large) trees.

  1. Puhoi Village Market

The first Village Market after its name change from Farmers’ Market took place last Sunday. The October 30th Village Market will be a Summer Garden Fest.

The Road Safety Group, with assistance from Beth Houlbrooke is to look into the issue of parking during busy times in Puhoi, including Market Sundays.

  1. Library AGM

Took place on 27 September. It is doing well with 50 members and 6300 books and DVDs.

  1. 2016 Women’s Dinner

To be held towards the end of October – Wednesday or Thursday – date to be confirmed.

  1. Puhoi Historic Society

Jenny Schollum reported that 5 volunteers from the BNZ’s ‘Closed for Good’ programme came to help (as they had done last year). They did a very good job in helping with some of the backlog on various projects.

  1. Art Group Exhibition – 25 November to 4 December 2016 in the Community Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm.

NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sports Hall.