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Ahuroa School Feast Fair and Fireworks: We Could Use Some Help…

You are invited to the Ahuroa School Feast Fair and Fireworks:

Saturday 21st March, 4-8.30pm at Ahuroa School.

Last year we raised a record $11,000 and this year we are aiming for $15,000.

So mark it in your diary and invite your friends and family – it is the biggest fundraiser for our school in the year, and the one time in the year we call on the community for support. Plus it’s a really fantastic event.

Last year  all the kids had lots of fun (and the adults too), the jumping castle and games were in hot demand, the food was great and the fireworks were truly spectacular! And we have lots of goodies lined up for you this year too.

So how can you help right now?…..

We urgently need donations of products or services to the Fair.

These are items that we use in the silent auction and raffles at the event and they are the main way that we raise the money for the school.

If you have a product or service that you would be willing to donate, please contact

Nicky Berger on email:, phone: (09) 422 5060 or mobile 027 453 0600.

You may have already received a letter asking for your support, if so, please respond to Nicky with your kind donation as soon as you can!

If you have any suggestions of businesses that you deal with, that we could ask to sponsor us, then please forward them on to us. Please let us know, rather than approaching companies yourself, as they may already be on our list and many sponsors will be put off by being asked twice.

For more information or if you’d like to lend a hand contact Ahuroa School Parent Teachers and Friends Association Chairperson, Ness Atkinson on or 021 565 165.

Agenda Forum Meeting 24th, 7.30 PM, Sports Club

All residents and friends of Puhoi are welcome. We value your contribution to our efforts to enhance the wellbeing of Puhoi. At the meeting we will, among other things, address the following issues:

Auckland Council’s 10 year budget.

How it affects Puhoi, and how we can have our say.

Puhoi CBD footpath.

We intend to finalise our agreement with the Local Board on the design of this footpath.

Neighbourhood Support.

What specific actions can we undertake in 2015 to keep Puhoi safe?

The new Fire Station.

The state of progress and how we can help.

Memorial Park tracks and weed control.

What has been done and what can the community do from here on?

Riverside walkway.

Construction of the stockproof fence and community contributions.

Forum logo.

Should the Puhoi logo (as used in the 150th celebration) be included?

Come along and have your say!

Hans Everts and Paul Manton, Co-chairmen

Rural Crime Wave?

[from Margaret Fead]

I am sorry to report we have another crime wave.

To endeavour to make out suburbs and rural areas more safe and community minded. I am requesting that you encourage all members of your group to talk to their friends not just in their immediate area but elsewhere about joining Neighbourhood Support. I can offer signs, information packs as well as arrange to meet with you. If you are an area that has been hit this time or an area near you please contact me or your local Community Constable if you wish to hold a meeting of concerned residents. I work closely with the Police in establishing new groups.

Note: There is a lack of signs in some areas where I know there are members, also some signs are looking sad. I can supply both signs and stickers for your window and or letterboxes. Send an email. As I am delivering magazines around the whole area the delivery of signs either to you personally or your local Police Station can be arranged.

I do believe that having the signs up on the Power Poles, stickers on the letter boxes, and taking measures to help make your place unattractive to the intruders does help prevent burglaries. Some places have lights that come on (although the cats or cars passing close to my driveway set mine off). Burglar alarms but have a neighbour that can keep and eye if they are activated or a security company. (Mine has previously had every child in the street check my house).I do have it monitored. Some rural roads have clubbed together and put up security cameras. (These must be looked after and the information available if required. (I know of one instant where the locals did not know if the film would be available when the info on it was needed). I experienced hearing dogs barking at night. Ours included but just thought must be a possum set one dog barking then all the others around joined in. Not so a local farmer lost a lot of hay that night. It was lesson to be more aware of what is happening.

I have tried to be encouraging and I guess I am talking to a lot of the converted who have taken measures to protect their local areas. If the above only helps one family it will be great.

Let us all spread the word of Neighbourhood Support Rodney.

Thanks for reading this,

Margaret Faed

Rodney Neighbourhood Support Coordinator

021 2583737


Intel for members use only.


We thank our sponsors The Lion Foundation, Auckland City Council Community Funding, and Discretionary Funding, Rodney Local Board, Hibiscus Bays Local Board,, Jim’s Mowing, GJ Gardner Homes, Orewa New World, and Kaipara Cat Charters, Internal Affairs, The Lottery Board, Internal Affairs.






2015 Season Registration


2015 Season Registration

The Puhoi Sports Club is a community focused club and offers fun and competitive football for boys and girls, from junior through to senior levels.

This year we have a strong focus on growing our junior and youth

Girls Football – so are keen welcome any new players in this area.

Muster and Registration Night

Senior, youth and junior muster

Date: Friday February 20th February

Time: 4.30 pm onwards.

Please join us for a fun family softball evening following the muster. All welcome

Senior Women’s Football

This year we will also be offering Senior Women’s Football. Anyone interested please contact Inge Rickards (

Registration can be done on the muster night at the club, or online through the club website (available shortly).

Registrations and enquiries to:

Medical Event at new Fire Station site

[from Chris Farac]

This morning the siren sounded for a medical event that occurred at the site of the new Fire Station site. The crew were called to assist with a patient who had collapsed as a result of a medical condition. Upon Deputy Chief Mike Donovan and Senior Firefighter Rob Beardmore’s arrival they found the mans work colleagues performing excellent CPR on the patient. Mike and Rob started advanced first aid resuscitation with an AED (automatic external defibrillator). Mike and Rob administered 1 shock to the patient from the AED. Further two fire fighters arrived on scene to assist, Chris Farac and Saxon Ross. At this stage a Paramedic Resuscitation was begun with equipment that fire fighter Chris Farac had with advanced airways and Intravenous Drug therapy a further shock was administered by the AED. All prior to the first ambulance arrival.

Two ambulances arrived at the site, a Paramedic crew from Silverdale and an Intensive Care Paramedic crew from Rosedale. After a 25 minute resuscitation attempt the patients Heart began beating again. He was transported to hospital in a critical condition. Enroute to hospital the patient began to wake up. He was put into a coma by the Intensive Care Paramedic crew. Upon arrival at North Shore Hospital he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit for further care.

What assisted this gentleman to this stage was the site crews initial excellent CPR followed by the fire crews AED, these must be performed as soon as possible, as in this incident today, in the hope of a successful outcome such as today.

The Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade extended their thoughts to the mans family and hope that he recovers well.

Fire Brigade Update: Jan 2015


Call statistics for January -

  • Scrub Fire – 3 Medical – 1
  • Special Service Call – 1
  • Assist Helicopter – 1

January was a very hot and very dry month, remember currently there is a restricted fire season, to burn you must have a permit and follow its instructions. So far we have escaped anything dramatic despite the heat!

January station update! After the earthworks was completed in December the builders moved onsite in early January. The floor pad has now been prepared and the concrete will be laid next week. The funding for the next stage is still in limbo whilst we wait for certain trusts, etc to meet and decide on our applications- we are confident the money is there is all about timing. Please be aware it is a construction site and strict Health and Safety Rules apply-please do not go on site- all queries should be directed to Russell. We are grateful to the indulgent and understanding nature of our neighbours during this construction stage.

We are recruiting new members for the year, if you are over 16 years of age, live locally in Puhoi and have a can do attitude we are interested in hearing from you. We will supply all the training, uniform and support you need. Contact – Rob Beardmore 021891996

We have had Jared Rehm join us recently as a new recruit Fire Fighter. He is currently going through his training now, welcome to the team Jared!

This weekend – Waitangi Weekend, Manly Fire station on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula is celebrating their 50th jubilee. On Saturday there is a large display and fire appliance parade around Manly ending at The Circle in Manly.

For those of you on Facebook we have a Facebook page, (click here, or  search Puhoi Rural Fire. We upload pictures and commentaries of some of our calls.

Chris Farac

Qualified Firefighter, Puhoi Fire Brigade




February in the Riverside Park

This is a good time of year for enjoying the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park. On the Loop Track two new seats are being installed along the top section as a gift by Val Dunn and family, and Arthur Dunn’s Memorial provides a scenic overview of village and valley. Dogs are permitted on the Loop Track. Should there be cattle in the paddock where the track crosses it, note that they are used to people and friendly, may approach you in curiosity, but should be ignored and certainly not be frightened.


Puhoi village from Dunn Memorial

Puhoi village from Dunn Memorial – photo by Theo Koops

The 5 km. long Puhoi Track is part of the national Te Araroa Track system, and has become well known among locals and visitors alike. It has fewer viewing places, but the scenery is varied, and the stands of mature native trees are magnificent. Dogs are not allowed on the parts of this track where it does not overlap with the Loop Track. Remember to have transport placed at both ends of the track unless you want a long walk to retrieve your car. A refreshment stop in the village after walking the track is highly recommended.


The meadow, past the first gate and near the old tennis pavilion, is an excellent place for picnics and informal recreation. It is also used for casual equestrian activities.


Horse riding is becoming a more popular pastime in the Park as well as elsewhere in the village. While permitted and encouraged in public areas in the Park, there are no bridle paths separate from the walking track so that, when on a track, avoid damaging or soiling it, especially when the weather is wet.


The Puhoi Community Forum is sponsoring an initiative to create a Riverside Walkway along the bank of the Puhoi river, starting from the second gate. The first stage runs some 300 metres to the cluster of macrocarpas and will consist of a stock-proof fence, a walkway/bridle path, and a planted riverbank. Work will commence on construction of the fence shortly. If you want to help with any part of this project, please contact Hans (phone 422 0026).


The grazing lease is in full use. Kevin Jones, the lessee, has done a great job of building culverts, clearing road tracks, extensively rebuilding parts of the old woolshed, making hay, refurbishing the old water pump, clearing logs, mending fences, and installing water troughs in different paddocks. He has brought cattle back in after the summer break. As stated on the notice at the first gate, please do not enter paddocks in which there are stock, except for the Loop Track, as noted above. On grazed paddocks, keep dogs leashed and horses under control.


The local community contributes to the upkeep of the Park. A working party will tackle weed control on February 21st. Please come along to the Park at 9.00. To help with Landcare activities, please contact Shelley (422 0076), Rodney (027 2793775) or Phillippa (422 0009).


Hans Everts, Puhoi Community Forum