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Check out this splendid new documentary (pilot) from the BBC, with a guest appearance of our village, and one of our much loved local characters, Dennis Main. We all raise a bottle of Lindauer to you Dennis, long may you mow!

Choristers Sought for Puhoi Dialect Mass, Easter Sunday 2016

Our Puhoi musicians and singers are invited to be part of an exciting and unusual venture, the singing of our Easter Sunday Mass, at 8.30am on March 27, in the German dialect similar to that spoken by the Puhoi Bohemians.

The Egerlaender Volkssingmesse – Egerlaender Folk Mass – composed in 1950 by Anton Haubner and Fritz Roscher, has already been sung twice in Puhoi, once by visiting Egerlaenders from Germany and once as part of a Kowhai Singers concert.

It is envisaged this Easter’s choir, to be coached by Kowhai Singer and founder of the new Puhoi Children’s Choir, Carole Hay, will comprise the children, their parents and members of our Puhoi Church congregation, and other community members as well as Bohemian descendants from the Waikato and, hopefully, visiting Egerlaenders from Germany and Austria.

There will be a gathering of all those interested in learning more about this unique enterprise on Monday, February 1 at 5pm in the Puhoi Church and rehearsals will start in Puhoi soon after. Please bring a USB stick to the initial gathering to receive a simple computer programme.

I have also prepared for emailing the three-part music arranged by our Kowhai Singers director Peter Cammell, plus the dialect words and translation, accompanied by a pronunciation guide.

The music, comprising around six songs, is simple, but some more voices, especially male, would be welcome.

Contact coordinator Judith Williams, 4220181, to have the music sent to you or for more information.

Part-time Organic Horticulture Courses starting in February 2016

More info on flyer here

$300* Full course cost   36 weeks, once a week.

Course nearest to you- in Inner City Auckland, Devonport, Helensville (Parakai)

Call Agriculture New Zealand for more Information.  

freephone 0800 475 455


Julie-Anna Child ( Jules) your North and Central Auckland tutor lives in Puhoi, she’s a teacher of 28 years experience, an artist, a beekeeper, and a ‘food forester’. She heads “A New Leaf”, a company specialising in biological illustration, and heritage plants and seeds ideal for cropping ecosystems.

Knowledge gained helps us support the health of our gardens, livestock, crops and ourselves from the ground up, naturally. Within the course we look at integrated pest management and how to build living soils, and resilient cropping ecosystems for ourselves, and our plants, insects, birds, animals and domesticated livestock. The course is relevant no matter how big your land is, whether it be a deck, a backyard, a lifestyle block or a large farm.


Information session and enrollment for the courses Jules tutors:  9.30-11.30am

Parakai  Tuesday 2 Feb      

Grey Lynn  Wednesday 3 Feb

Devonport  Thursday 4 Feb


Choice of 3 Course Venues in North Auckland:

PCF Forum Meeting Agenda: Tues 26th Jan – All Welcome!







Held on 24 November 2015

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THOSE MINUTES (not appearing on this Agenda)


  1. TREASURER’S REPORT – see financial reports for November and December



  1. Update on submission to NZTA Grant application (Larry Mitchell)

  2. Update on River Walkway Planting and development work

  3. Maintenance issues on the bush walkway section of the Memorial Park (Dustyn O’Leary)

  4. Traffic – Puhoi junction with SH! (Jenny Schollum


Please invite other residents and friends of Puhoi to attend – widen participation!

Library Raffle Winner

[from Helen Darnell, Puhoi Library]
We drew the Library Christmas Raffle on 23rd Dec and the winning number is 106 (sorry this isn’t your number). The winner was Kim Vickers who people will know from Nic’s [shop]. She was delighted and I am always happy when someone local wins.

Organics Course 2016

2016 looks set to start very well. Just thought I would let you know our Agriculture New Zealand ‘Go Organic’ Level 3 Horticulture Course is due to start at three different venues next February.

I’m the tutor for ‘Go Organic’ and come from a long background in education, art and putting food on our own table. We have a smallholding in Puhoi with a young but fast growing food forest.

The course runs for 36 weeks over one year, one day a week (but not school holidays). Our day starts at 9.30am and finishes at 2.30pm.

Venues to choose from:


-Te Whare Oranga o Parakai, in Parakai, on Tuesdays ( Orientation on 2 February )

-Grey Lynn Community Centre, on Wednesdays ( Orientation on 3 February )

-Devonport, Harmony Hall, on Thursdays ( Orientation on 4 February )

If you miss a class at one venue you will be welcome to ‘catch up’ at the other venues.

The course fee is $300 because the government generously subsidises the other couple of thousand. I can vouch for the content having done the course myself. It’s a sturdy industry qualification in Organic Horticulture, preparing people well for starting their own organic operation or small business, or working in nurseries, parks, farms, gardens and orchards. There’s an opportunity to carry on to Level 4 in future years ( 2017).

more information is available from


freephone: 0800 475 455

Please pass this on to those interested, if you feel it is appropriate. I hope the Summer Break will prove to be slow, hot, sunny and productive for us all. We have great plans for a hillside clad in pumpkins once again.

Hoping that you have a restful festive season.

Warmest wishes,

Julie-Anna Child (Jules)

Kauri Ridge, 152B Green Hollows Rd, RD1 Silverdale, Auckland 0994, New Zealand.
Mobile +64 21 373 910

Tutor of Organic Horticulture with Agriculture New Zealand

Puhoi: Party Town

The annual Puhoi Street Party, run by the Puhoi Community Forum, this year, will be back to the old site in the hall garden, on Thursday, December 10 at 6pm. This a bring -your- own- picnic- basket and get to know your new neighbours.
We can use the kitchen and the toilets or the whole hall if it is wet.  This is a free service to the community by the Hall Committee, and we are most grateful for this kind donation. There is a wedding the next day, so we just need to be sure the hall is left clean and in good order.
Kind regards

Puhoi Community Forum Minutes 24/11/2015


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 24 NOVEMBER 2015 commencing at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Dustyn O’Leary (Chair) Peter Straka (Deputy Chair), Larry Mitchell, (Co-Chair) Beth Houlbrooke, Sorrell O’Leary, Gavin Donaldson, Terri Ryder, Paul Manton, Jim Sephton, Ginny Page, Jenny Schollum, Sandra Beagley, Martin Smith, Alan Wagstaff, Judith Williams, Wendy Hayton (Minutes)

Apologies: Chris Mundell


Dustyn welcomed members to the meeting.


Paul Fearon and Ryan Newman circulated information including photos of equipment and gave a brief overview of their position. Paul Fearon has bought land for subdivision development (former Tolphof family and Turnbull family land), and has found that Telecom is unable to provide a good internet service within the area of subdivision. Since Telecom are also unable to provide a service to many outlying areas of Puhoi, he, together with Ryan Newman of Stratanet, are proposing a wireless internet and VOIP system via a pole situated on the loop track above the River Park. Solar panels connected with the pole would be sited over the ridge to the north and therefore well away from the walking track and invisible from the village. The cost of providing the 4 metres high pole and the whole system would be delivered free of charge to Puhoi users. The pole would be able to provide high speed internet to those properties within line of sight of the pole. This would include the Puhoi valley and the Krippner Road valley. Stratanet is specializing in filling the gaps that Telecom and other national providers cannot fill. There are no health issues to wildlife or humans, and no other known environmental issues. Planting could be done around the concrete base of the pole.

It was agreed that Peter Straka will work with Beth Houlbrooke to understand what Council requirements there might be for such equipment to be installed in the Pioneer Memorial Park. Once these parameters are understood, Peter, together with the Co-Chairs will get back to the next Forum meeting. It was agreed that if there are Council processes which can allow the installation of the pole, there should be discussion in the wider Puhoi community, about this and other options for Puhoi’s internet delivery.

Action: Peter Straka


Motion 1

That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 27 October 2015 were confirmed as being a true and accurate record.

Moved: Peter Straka

Seconded: Paul Manton


  1. TREASURER’S REPORT (previously circulated)

This report was received and accepted.

The amount of $30 was approved to pay to the Secretary for meeting work for the month.


Dustyn with a number of other Committee Members from the Forum had met with the Council’s Stormwater Engineer and his supervisor. As had been suspected. The trees should not have been cut down. The Council representatives were most apologetic and offered to make amends by providing appropriate trees for replanting. A decision needs to be made between planting more poplars, or planting native trees. The existing poplars are likely to regenerate over time.

It was agreed that community input be sought via email (Dustyn to send out) and the Puhoi newsletter (Judith).

Action:Dustyn O’Leary

Judith Williams

Motion 2

That the local Puhoi community residents be consulted via email and newsletter to approve the

planting of either poplars or native tree species to replace the felled poplars in Krippner Road.

Moved: Paul Manton

Seconded: Jim Sephton



Jim Sephton declared a conflict of interest regarding this discussion and did not participate.

Larry Williams had drafted a proposal, which he outlined at the meeting. The purpose of this proposal to NZTA is to provide information to whichever of the 3 contractors wins the current contract to build the new motorway to Warkworth, regarding the impact of these building works on the Puhoi community, and its subsequent impact of having a motorway so close to the village over the coming years.

Larry had emphasized in the draft document the official status of the Puhoi Community Forum as an incorporated society with charitable status to put forward such a proposal. The proposal puts forward some suggestions as to what the community might consider to be a meaningful cornerstone project, which the successful contractor might like to fund. These might include new premises for the museum, a heritage model village, improvements/development of the Park. A number of other options were suggested such as a new Scout Hall, improvements to the existing Community Hall, beautification of the village etc. Some of Puhoi’s current much needed projects such as traffic safety can and should likely become Council projects in the future, rather than NZTA contractor projects. Within this proposal, the suggestions for such a cornerstone project need to be broad brush rather than specific, leaving the ability to discuss further detail, and for community input and consultation, once a successful contractor has been identified.

Motion 3

That a document goes forward to the NZTA expressing the Puhoi Community’s interest in terms of Section 601 ULDF requesting that bidders consider providing community funding in recognition of the impact of the motorway project on the Puhoi community. The Co-Chairpersons and the Deputy Chair are to liaise to finalise the current draft document and to ensure that it is submitted to the NZTA ahead of the Christmas 2015 deadline.

Moved: Larry Mitchell

Seconded: Peter Straka



  1. Animals at risk from shotguns in the village

Terri Ryder’s young cat had been shot by persons unknown close to the village and had required to date $4000 worth of surgery. Judith is to alert the community to this destructive and potentially illegal behavior in the next newsletter.

Action: Judith Williams

  1. River Walkway Development update

Peter Straka reported that Hans had met with the Council representative who was very happy with the work carried out. There is one contour that needs to be changed. Peter will do this.

Action: Peter Straka

  1. Neighbourhood Picnic

It was agreed this should be held in the Community Hall on Thursday 10 December at 6pm. Judith Williams kindly volunteered to head up the organisation for this.

Action: Judith Williams

  1. New Farmers’ Market Manager required

Phillipa is stepping down after 8 years, for which the community is most grateful. The job has a small remuneration attached and is mainly involved with liaising with stallholders, attracting new stall holders, bookings, organising groups to play the music etc. Discussion took place as to whether or not it is possible for different organisations to organise the market on a rotational basis (such as the scouts etc) for fundraising purposes.


The Farmer’s Market also requires new committee members. Judith Williams requested that anyone interested in either position contact her by email.


  1. Dance Event 6pm Monday 14 December

Jenny Schollum reported that the final practice for the year of the Dance Group would be a public event to be held in the Community Hall on 14 December at 6pm. All are welcome.


  1. Business Group

The Puhoi Business Group is interested in coming under the umbrella of the Puhoi Community Forum to take advantage of better liaison with both the community and the Council. Dustyn and Larry are to contact Kathy and liaise as to how this will occur.

Action: Dustyn O’Leary

Larry Mitchell


  1. Village Traffic Safety Group

More Committee members are needed. Please email Jim Sephton.

  1. Shuttle bus (Commuter) Warkworth to Auckland City

This is a new privately run service which has recently commenced. Judith Williams is to put details of this in the next newsletter and Dustyn will circulate the information by email to the community at large.

Action: Judith Williams

Dustyn O’Leary

(ix) Events Health and Safety Presentation by Council

Judith Williams had attended a presentation on Events Safety given by the Council and

has a USB of the presentation to lend to interested members.


  1. Donation of Welcome to Puhoi brochures by Theo Koops and family

The community is very grateful for the Koops’ donation of Welcome to Puhoi brochures as their leaving gift. Dustyn is to write a note of thanks on behalf of the Forum.

Action: Dustyn O’Leary

  1. Neighbourhood Watch

Paul Manton reported that he had had non-identifiable pieces of shearing equipment stolen from his shed. It was agreed that especially coming up to Christmas the community needs to be aware of the need to lock doors and sheds against such unfortunate events.



The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 January 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sports Hall.


The meeting finished at 9pm.