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Roof Shout

[via Val Smith]
The Puhoi Hall Committee would like to invite everyone to The Puhoi Centennial Hall on Sunday 3rd May between 2.30 pm – 6 pm to celebrate the completion of the re-roofing of the Hall.

The committee would like to thank the community for their on going support in fund raising events which help maintain the hall to such a high standard.

Come along and meet your neighbours and enjoy your beautiful hall.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Kind Regards and thanks

Tree Scam

We have reports of scammers in the area so please be careful and look out for any vulnerable neighbours who may be approached for these pests.

There a tree people who look genuine who are asking for cash up front. Like they cut down a tree, then demand more money to remove the rubbish. Also they charge excessive fees. My suggestion is use a well known contractor and talk to friends for advice first.




New Bohemian Folk Dance Group

The newly-formed children’s Bohemian folk dance group, to meet for an hour weekly at 4pm, (refreshments provided) already has three families committed. Watch for notification for next week’s day and venue or contact Jenny Schollum, 4220472.


Puhoi ANZAC Day Commemoration Programme, April 25th


Park before 8.45am on the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park or out on the road and gather on the bridge, facing the memorial gates, for the ceremony, which will include the singing of the national anthem, an address by Richard Hern, and the raising and lowering of the New Zealand flag to the playing of the Last Post and Reveille by bugler Oliver Furneaux.

Then process to the hall for light refreshments and a display of the military records of the Bohemian dead of the two world wars. We will be led by the Scouts and Fire Brigade and any other uniformed groups who wish to attend, hopefully including the children of our local schools in their uniforms. These will be followed by the rest of our community.

If it is wet, all the ceremonies will take place in the hall. Please visit the library for their special Anzac display and home-baked biscuits.

Starting at 9am, the commemoration formalities will take about an hour, while the library display will be open from 9am to 3pm.

Thanks to the Puhoi Historical Society for organising this ceremony, and the library group for their display.

Agenda for Forum Meeting April 28th 2015






31 March 2015

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THOSE MINUTES (not appearing on this Agenda)



2.4.15Email from Beth Houlbrouke re date for close of tenders for footbridge and

footpath (7 April)

12.4.15 Auckland Council Obsfuscates – Larry Mitchell, forwarded

17.4.15 Fire Season Changes – forwarded

17.4.15 Puhoi Track Update – Rob Wakelin, CEO Te Araroa, forwarded

17.4.15 Volunteer Trends Newsletter, forwarded

20.4.15 Ten One April 2015, Neighbourhood Support, forwarded

22.4.15 Public Realm and Safety in Puhoi


12.4.15 Letter of appreciation to Paul Manton (previous Co-Chair and Committee

Member) Hans Everts

20.4.15 Weed Control in Krippner Road (Hans Everts) forwarded to members



Russell Green, report on status of Fire Station, will be forwarded when available.

Farmers’ Market.


  1. Weed Control in Krippner Road

  2. Traffic safety – Puhoi Footbridge and Footpath project update

  3. Council composting initiative

  4. Public space development – Public realm and Safety Group

  5. RiversideWalkway progress, Dog Signs, Park Maintenance


NEXT MEETING – Date and Chairperson

Please invite other residents and friends of Puhoi to attend – widen participation!

For Sale; Pick and Mix Black Sheep Flock For Lifestyle Block

( preferably as weed-eaters rather than for the pot)
One ram, three to four years old, keen to mate
Two ram lambs, November-born, already interested
Two ewe lambs, November-born, keen to graze and grow without being
bothered by the boys
Two young ewes,circa two years old, possibly, but not guaranteed,
already in lamb (ewes are allowed their secrets, too)
All sheep shorn and drenched
$70 per animal
Other possible combinations on enquiry to Judith Williams, Ahuroa Road, Puhoi.
Call her on 09 4220181 to talk about your property, and whether it is
suitable for sheep.

Te Araroa Trail Update

[from Rob Wakelin, Cheif Executive Te Araroa Trail, via Hans Everts]

I hope all is going well with you, and the community.

Just wanted to update you on a few things and wonder if you can pass word to Puhoi folk:

  • Works re new motorway – some geotech works for the new motorway have taken place which has seen Watson/Cook Rds used by some heavy trucks. I met with the motorway people who thought they could simply close the track – no way!! What we agreed is that the short stretch where the track route uses Cook Rd would have a 10km/h limit for their vehicles however people walking the track should be aware and look both ways when entering Cook Rd in either direction. If/when the motorway gets the go-ahead we will look at a safer, longterm solution for this short stretch.
  • Maintenance – we will be getting some people in to do some maintenance on the track, mainly around controlling the vegetation regrowth. There is a patch of ginger at the western end of the track and some gorse and pampas sprouting, these will all be addressed. There wont be much more growth over winter so we have this planned for August so its looking great for next summer. Within the next couple of months there will be more planting done at either end of the swingbridge to keep it looking nice and not give the weeds as much chance to find space to grow. The domain/farm stretch is due to be grazed shortly so once that’s eaten down we’ll see if anything further is required.
  •  Kauri dieback – given this got a little topical a few weeks back we just want to let the community know that when the track was constructed, special methods (a geotextile base underneath aggregate surfacing) was used in all areas within 30m of identified kauri on the route. At the completion of construction the track was inspected by MPI and determined no further measures were necessary – including any cleaning stations – as the track had been constructed to such a high standard. Cleaning stations in particular have been raised with me often but despite seeing them around a lot, they are not universal. Signage was installed adjacent to the swingbridge and where the track passes from the Domain land to the DOC bush block and anyone walking should follow those guidelines of washing footwear thoroughly after walking in any kauri area. The kauri issue remains an ongoing topic in our relationship with DOC and we’ll be kept abreast of any changes in the science and advice around it.
  •  Feedback – I continue to get great feedback from people about how enjoyable a day in Puhoi is walking the track and taking advantage of the Puhoi hospitality. Our thanks as always to the community who continue to make people feel so welcome and provide such a great environment for people to visit. I make it up roughly monthly and always try to support the local businesses with a beer/cuppa/cold drink.
  •  Puhoi Scouts – Heston from the scouts was in touch and the scout group are going to do some work on the local Puhoi routes – not just the new track but also the track down from Moirs Hill Rd, and across the old Dunn property. We really appreciate that and want the community to know they are chipping in to help look after this community asset.
  •  We are still working through the finer details but are looking at having a “conference” of all our nationwide people in Puhoi in July. We want to show off the track and how it fits into what somewhere like Puhoi offers visitors. The NZ Recreation Association also had a day in Puhoi recently which ended with me taking them over the track – which they were all raving about afterwards.

Thanks Hans for all the ongoing support.


Best regards, Rob


Crafty Tea and Cake

[from Coral Mylius]
Hello Everybody

Our Fabulous Crafty Group monthly meeting is next Tues 21st April 10.30am at the Cottage Tea rooms. We are all booked in, so come and enjoy good company and great food, and of course, bring whatever you’re working on.