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Successful Petition, Great Video

A big thanks to Sarah Churchouse for getting 290 signatures (pretty much the whole village!) on her petition to get a more appropriate speed limit around the Puho SH1 intersection. There’s still time to give your support…

Check out this great little video too,  made by Mahurangi Matters about our SH1 issue …

Excellent presentation Kathy!

Puhoi Community Forum: Agenda For Meeting 30 Aug 2016





  1. Apologies

  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 26 July 2016

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report – for July 2016 – Jenny Schollum

  1. Unitary Plan – Jenny Neel/Mike Swain

  • plot sizes

  • change in zone of Chris Dixon’s property

  1. Working Groups – update

  1. General Business

  • SH1 Junction

  • River Park Update

  • Farmers’ Market update


The next meeting and AGM will be held on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 7.30pm.


Millwater coming to Puhoi?

Residents of Puhoi may be interested to know that there is a recommendation in the Unitary Plan to reduce the minimum plot size in the centre of Puhoi (and all areas zoned as ‘Rural and Coastal Settlement’) to 2500m2, down from the 4000m2 currently mandated. Historically Puhoi has a 1 acre minimum size (as written into our Structure Plan) due to the lack of services and the heritage character of the village.

Anticipating this change, the owner of a large plot adjacent to the village centre is proposing to re-zone his currently ‘Rural Production’ zoned-land to this and plans a large development of housing.

[letter from Auckland Council following our enquiry reproduced below]

From: Sanjay Bangs On Behalf Of Unitary Plan
Sent: Wednesday, 10 August 2016 4:18 p.m.
To: Vicki Shanley; Unitary Plan
Subject: RE: Puhoi


Hi Vicki,


The Independent Hearings Panel has recommended to extend the Rural and Coastal Settlement zone at Puhoi as shown in red on the map below.  This recommendation was made in response to submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP), including submission 5882 from Chris Dickson.


The Panel has recommended a minimum site size of 2,500m² for subdivision in the Rural and Coastal Settlement zone.  In comparison, the Rural Production zone initially applied in the PAUP contains a minimum site size of 100ha.


The recommended maps can be found here and the text here.


Please bear in mind that this is a recommendation at this stage, and may change depending on Council’s decision on the Unitary Plan.


Kind regards,





Big Boost for Firestation

[via Mahu Matters]

Good news for Puhoi … Rodney’s Cr Penny Webster has just announced that Auckland Council will contribute $495,000 to the Puhoi Volunteer Rural Fire Force so it can complete the construction of its fire station. Cr Webster says she is delighted that the Puhoi Brigade will finally have the facility they deserve.

[note: image is artist’s impression- who could even consider not having a white+scoria fire station in Puhoi 😉 – Ed]

Bright Spark on Ahuroa Road

[via Eli DeMeulemeester]

A few weeks ago I asked Spark if and when they intend to provide cell coverage from the new tower on Woodcocks hill. I have finally heard back that ”…there are plans to upgrade next month….”
Next month being September.

Cheers & Kind Regards
Eli DeMeulemeester

[Now if we can just crawl into the 21st Century on Saleyards Rd too. Perhaps it would spoil the rustic charm  though – Ed]


Puhoi Forum Meeting Minutes 26 July 2016


Wendy Hayton
Judith Williams
Beth Holbrooke
Jenny Neil
Mike Swain
Graeme Backley

Matters arising 
Jenny Schollum notes that the Puhoi Museum Workshop did not achieve its aims of raising awareness of museum’s role in the community. PHS states that the museum is open and available to the community and needs a new home, and this needs community awareness and support. 

AGM minutes correction – subs being taken during ballot votes, that people were allowed to leave chairs during count, this impeded Jenny commenting on her vote, and was disruptive. 
Terry notes she is still to word her comments about buses and children for report to traffic safety group.

Amendment to constitution acknowledgement from inc societies so new rules in place

Dustyn moves that minutes be accepted, Russel seconds

Treasurer’s report
One correction from Peter: walkway phase 1 is actually phase 2
One amendment to Treasurer’s report
Materials purchased 2224.03 on 2015
Taken from 11175.43
Approval needed for rental and sports club $70&30

Agenda items
Workshop reports
Dustyn: All on same day, good turnout
Gillian’s offer to link up paths using her land and prioritizing this as first part of trail
Russell. Heartened to see community support. Recirculating resource consent to allow community use, will be able to apply for funding from donors that need this requisite.. Brigade really appreciates community support.
Chair notes that with housing changes and different focuses for current services, we desperately need the first response capability offered by the service.
Sorrel: Environment small turnout, some volunteers organized.
River Park update
Chair sums up queries about walkway, ground conditions need to dry 4-6 weeks before but we can continue with planting in stage 1 and getting materials for stage 2
Can use #2s as did this on first stage

Nb there is a credit for tractor hire from stage 1 with Formation Construction this can be used for putting in posts
Peter notes three culverts are still needed
Do we have a time frame on funding received – yes, but can apply for extensions 
Part of the grant is plants $1000
Peter moves that the grant be used for walkway as specified in grant, Terry seconds.

Chair notes the importance of making loops for walkways
Peter notes that phase one 20 sections without batons, staple gun, also entrance gate needs to be done, digger and finesse required. Full size gate needed for tractor access and possibility of pedestrian gate access
Walk through park to establish what to do next for stage 2 and wetlands Sat 6,  1.30 pm at car park
PPMP group  reformed: Peter Straka, Rodney Straka, Russell, Paul Manton, Sorrel Oleary, Terri , Dustyn O’Leary

General Business
Russell notes Sports Club meeting, new energy, Wed nights, pool and darts all welcome, no clubs, kitchen and bar open.
Tennis courts 90% finished . Late October after winter soccer, hope to encourage tennis, although owned by Council, club will promote tennis and using the courts for other uses also, eg fuse ball council also fu dead new nets. Thursday night midwinter Xmas feast $19 head, contact Avis, fundraisers and commerce for Avis

Co-chair notes re Te Muri, Council has called for presentations to Council
Kathy notes that the current plans still not quite where they will advantage Puhoi, as carpark is now positioned at end of Hungry Creek, not at end of Puhoi Aharoa road near river.
Matakana Coast Trail group is framing options, Puhoi needs to be involved and be part of the process, forming the cornerstone of a loop from Waiwera through Puhoi, to north and back down along Te Araroa.
Paul queried horse access and provision.
Kathy notes that our Forum proposal involves horse access from Puhoi; doubling as a park and ride for Puhoi, an essential for future transport options. Te Araroa want west side, Matakana wants eastern side of state highway 1; either way, this is our only opportunity for us to link in to this.  Sorrel and Kathy to present to Council mid – August.
Chair notes that multiple groups get multiple voices and votes. Kathy notes that she will present as Puhoi Canoes, cochair moves that three separate groups present  – traffic safety, Puhoi forum, and Puhoi Canoes. Terri seconds. 
There is a meeting of Neighborhood Support Rodney, 31st Orewa, 7pm. All interested are welcome to attend.
Cochair notes Judith has come out of surgery and needs assistance with driving.
Sorrel moves that Judith will get flowers worth $60. Pat will get these and deliver. Seconded by chair.

Russell adds that he was in Wellington for summit re volunteers and sending a volunteer representing female firefighters and notes that brigade was in Oz fighting fires and working outside of the community.  Chair notes that Council needs to front up  and direct development fees from local development to Fire Brigade. We are not seeing.
Draft management plan, fire station on land technically on park/council land but is able to provide a path at side to link up with possibly a bridge across to River Park. Russell recaps funding stages and requirements.
Next meeting, Tuesday 30 August 7 pm